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(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Quits Performance Midway, Fans Worried About His Health

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Edward Jacob
Edward Jacob
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A video that is going viral on Twitter among K-pop fans shows (G)I-Shuhua DLE crying on stage in the middle of a performance, and Yuqi takes her backstage.

The five girls in the girl group are on their first world tour, called JUST ME ()I-DLE. The video was taken during their last concert, which took place on August 12 in Mexico City (US time).

Reporter Pamela Lima snapped a photo of the exact moment the 22-year-old Taiwanese K-pop star sat down on the stage and signaled that she couldn’t go on with the show.

Yuqi, one of her group members, broke formation and came over to help her up. She then led Shuhua backstage while the other members, who were worried, continued the show.

For this reason, fans of TOMBOY group in Neverland were worried about the idol’s health. They said it was because there wasn’t enough time between concerts on the tour. They turned to the group’s management company, CUBE Entertainment, and asked them to take better care of their artists.

Fans are worried about (G)I-Shuhua DLE after seeing her struggle on stage during her last world tour.

Shuhua, the group’s maknae, had a tough time in Mexico City on August 12 during the JUST ME ()I-DLE leg of their world tour. While the other members performed the concert without showing any signs of fatigue, the maknae had to stop in the middle of the My Bag stage as she was too tired to continue.

Shuhua looked very tired because the idol seemed to be struggling to get up. She went backstage to rest with Yuqi’s help. After taking a break, she came back on stage towards the end of the show and sang i’M The Trend and TOMBOY with the rest of the band.

Fans both appreciated the youngest member of (G)I-DLE’s professionalism and worried for her and the health of the rest of the group. The concerts are very tough because the performers have to sing and dance for hours and keep up the energy of the audience. The only way for artists to improve over time is to take breaks and rest.

But since late July, (G)I-DLE has been playing in different cities with no more than three days between shows. Including the show in Mexico City, they have already done six shows this month. August 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 and 12 are the exact dates.

Fans said that (G)I-management DLE company CUBE Entertainment did not give the group members enough time to rest. They got angry with the company while at the same time

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