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Dayna Devon is leaving KTLA, but why? She had plastic surgery, didn’t she?

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Dayna Devon, a KTLA reporter who worked there for a long time, announced her departure. On a recent KTLA Weekend Morning News show, she checked out the startling news.

At KTSA-AM radio in San Antonio, where Devon began her reporting career, she was the weekend anchor. She then worked for KMID-TV in Texas and the Midlands, among other places. She started working at Memphis, Tennessee’s WPTY-TV in 1997, where she and her team won an Emmy.

In January 2013, Devon became a cast member of the new TLC reality show, Plastic Wives. Currently, she is the host of the lifestyle show “LA Unscripted”.

Dayna Devon is leaving KTLA, but why?

After many years of service, Dayna Devon gave KTLA two reasons for leaving.

The reporter recently shared that she wanted to hang out with her kids on a KTLA Weekend Morning News show.

Devon said her eldest daughter, who turns 17 in September, will soon be leaving the family. Likewise, she only has two years left with her child.

Devon wants to spend as much time as possible with her children. She wants to fully understand them and spend years with them in their company. Devon cites her show “LA Unscripted,” which she works on five days a week, as the second factor keeping her busy.

The journalist ended up bursting into tears and announced that she would be taking a vacation at the end of August. She had no idea how quickly his departure would happen. On her Instagram, Devon posted a clip from her last day and wrote, “Big announcement today.” I had been sobbing all morning.

Many of her friends and colleagues have sent her goodbye messages since she made her decision.

Before You Go, Dayna Devon’s Plastic Surgery Rumor

Dayna Devon has done plastic surgery before. She had surgery on her stomach, breasts and nose.

In a 2013 interview, the 2003 “Extra” host admitted to using scissors. She clearly stated, “I did my nose. My breasts were made. I worked my belly.

Dayna Devon is one of the Plastic Wives on TLC.

Devon appeared on the 2013 season of the TLC reality series Plastic Wives.

Four women who live in Beverly Hills and are married to plastic surgeons are the subjects of her show. It makes clear mention of facelifts, cosmetic procedures, and contemporary conceptions of beauty.

Devon has frequently appeared in plastic surgery news since entering the Plastic Wives lawsuit. According to the reporter, she would continue to do this until she was old enough.

Dayna Devon and her husband are expecting, right?

Dr. Brent Moelleken, husband of Dayna Devon, is a plastic surgeon. In 2003, she met him for the first time when she was the host of “Extra”.

Brent Moelleken, her husband, owns and operates clinics in Santa Barbara and Beverly Hills. He is dual certified by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery and specializes in facial reconstruction.

Dayna Devon and the rest of her family.

Dayna Devon, 17, and Brent Moelleken, 15, are the couple’s two children. As of 2022, Devon and her husband are not expecting children and she is leaving KTLA to spend more time with her two children.

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