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Alice Archer: Is it based on real life? What happened to Caroline Cowper?

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Edward Jacob
Edward Jacob
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Alice Archer: Is it based on real life? What happened to Caroline Cowper?

Rogue Agent on AMC+ tells the story of a surprising crime that shook the world of many people. A man named Robert Freegard is at the heart of this, and due to his abilities to manipulate others, they give him all their money and give up their lives for him. His disappearance begins when he wrongs Alice Archer, even though he has maintained this trend for over ten years.

As a lawyer, Alice uses every tool at her disposal to find out all about Freegard and bring him to justice. She not only saves her own life, but also the lives of a few other women who have fallen victim to her activities. Alice acts with remarkable strength to do what is necessary, even after being robbed by a man she had fallen in love with. Although the story is based on real events, who is Alice Archer in reality? Let’s investigate.

Does Alice Archer have any real references?

Yes, Caroline Cowper, a real-life lawyer, inspired Alice Archer. She was visiting a car showroom with her sister when she ran into Robert Freegard. She lived in Chiswick. He immediately charmed her and she was won over by his excellent looks. She had just purchased a vehicle and had an appointment with Freegard when she left the dealership. Soon after, he began seducing her and things progressed to the point where they got engaged.

Throughout court, Freegard gave her lavish holidays and a variety of gifts. She didn’t realize until much later that he had splurged on all those extravagant things with his money. He convinced her that he was an MI5 spy to justify the suspicious behavior. When Cowper finally realized what was going on, she cut things off and reported it to the police. She also sued him, but she didn’t give up until she found out more about his true identity and the number of victims he had deceived in the past. His investigation ultimately helped law enforcement apprehend Robert Freegard.

What happened to Caroline Cowper?

During the trial of Robert Freegard in “Rogue Agent”, Alice Archer admits that she gave up her career as a lawyer. Freegard’s activities had such a negative impact on her professional life that she was fired from the position where she excelled. She never went back to it once they sorted it out, instead starting her own business which she had pretended to get into with Freegard in order to steal Alice’s money – renting expensive cars from corporations. . It was her way of showing him that despite what he had put her through, she was not damaged beyond repair and that she had learned valuable lessons from this terrifying ordeal.

But Cowper didn’t actually do that. She returned to her job after helping law enforcement capture Freegard. She is currently employed in London as a solicitor. She “fell hard for Freegard but was never completely knocked down”, according to Michael Bronner, who described her as “dirty blonde, stubborn and terribly outspoken”. Although she shuns the spotlight and doesn’t use social media, she spoke to Bronner about her experience while he researched the article.

She said: “I was really attached to him so it was difficult for me. However, I was going to fuck it up, he said. “She compared it to being in a washing machine moving at 100 mph. She was the one who, in a way, made me realize that this was more than a decent magazine article and could even make a fantastic movie. When interested filmmakers stumbled upon Bronner’s story, they were less interested in examining the tenacity of Caroline Cowper – the woman who fought not just for herself but for all individuals who were wronged by Freegard. – than they were studying Freegard’s atrocities.

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