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Alec Baldwin could face criminal charges after FBI report says trigger was pulled

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Edward Jacob
Edward Jacob
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Santa Fe, BONANZA CREEK RANCH: In a new FBI report on the death of Halyna Hutchins, it was said that the gun would only have fired a bullet if the trigger had been pulled.

Alec Baldwin said playing with the hammer wasn’t enough to get the gun fired, according to the new report.

The report also states that ‘The Boss Baby’ actor lied when he said he pulled the trigger on the gun, even though it was supposedly full of fake bullets. In October 2021, Baldwin accidentally shot Hutchins on the set of his movie “Rust.” That’s what killed Hutchins. At the same time, director Joel Souza was injured at Bonanza Creek Ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In a previous video, Santa Fe County Police showed how they first met Baldwin and how he told the story. He always said he didn’t pull the trigger on the gun. Baldwin says he was full of foul balls. But a new FBI report says he couldn’t have been shot without pulling the trigger. This means he will still be charged with a crime for what happened. The Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that the case will be assigned to the district attorney.

Authorities said Saturday, Aug. 13, they were awaiting phone records from the actor and the prosecutor was working closely with police to understand the case. But detectives will review the papers and then a brief will be sent to the District Attorney (DA) to see if any charges can be brought.

The FBI’s forensic report looked at every part of the fatal crash to get a fuller picture of what happened. Part of the report said that the revolver, a .45 caliber Colt single action F.lli Pietta, could not be fired unless the trigger was pulled. ABC News says police decided to do an accidental discharge test, but it’s unclear if they did it with the same gun or a copy of it. The report also states that when the gun works well, it does not release the bullet and prime it at the same time.

Baldwin told ABC News he removed the hammer and posed with it for the camera while Halyna gave him advice on how to hold it. Later during the investigation, he said someone told him he was holding a “cold gun”, meaning it was an empty gun. Baldwin said, “I didn’t pull the trigger.” The actor said he let her go and it happened without him pulling the trigger. According to a recent FBI report, the action could make a gunshot sound without actually firing a bullet. The actor and others involved in filming the accident could still be charged with a crime based on these findings.

In an interview with the Today show in October 2021, Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza said criminal charges could not be ruled out against the people who did this. He said: “At this time it is too early to rule anything out, and I don’t think anyone is immune from criminal charges. I’ve said this before, but I think there was a feeling of ease on set. There was some disorganization and negligence, but the district attorney will decide if that’s enough to be a felony.

Baldwin told sheriffs that on the day of the shooting, a box of fake stray bullets came out of nowhere. He said that when the crew returned to the box after the accident, they discovered that real cartridges had been mixed with fake cartridges. Baldwin was adamant that the gunsmith, Hannah Gutierrez, should be questioned about the box by sheriff’s investigators. Hannah, on the other hand, has repeatedly told the public that she is not guilty.

During the investigation, the cop told Baldwin, “I have some bad news for you. She didn’t make it.” He jumped back in his chair and said, “No! He then asked if he could call his wife, Hilaria. Baldwin had his head in his hands as he left the room. He was later found in the parking lot of the sheriff’s office. Baldwin was reportedly fired from numerous films because of this alleged crime. No one has been charged with a crime because of the shooting, but the Hutchins family is suing Baldwin. But the New Mexico Office of Occupational Health and Safety told Rust Movie Productions they had to pay $136,793 for safety issues that did not meet industry standards.

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