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Where is Warren Mackey now?

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In June 1993, a horrific crime took place in the California town of Port Hueneme. A beloved single mother has been strangled to death in her own home, just yards from where her young son was sleeping.

Norma Rodriguez was killed and it took police ten years to find the killer, even though they had already spoken to her and given her a polygraph test. Investigation Discovery’s “Betrayed: Flirting With Death” did a good job of breaking down this sad and strange case in a clear and orderly way for viewers. If you’re curious about what happened on that terrible day in June 1993 and where the person who did it is now, we’ve got you covered. Let’s start, then.

How did Norma Rodriguez die?

Norma Garcia Rodriguez was born in the Texas town of Mercedes, Hidalgo County on November 15, 1960. She worked at a Kmart in Oxnard and raised her two sons, Andrew, 11, and Austin, 4, on her own. . She lived in Port Hueneme, California in Ventura County. She was a loved and respected member of the community. So when her body was found in her home on East B Street on the morning of June 1, 1993, it was a shock.

Find A Grave has the photo.

Tony Rodriguez, the victim’s ex-husband, was at the scene with his brother, Hector Rodriguez, when they found the body. The ex-husband said he came to pick up their two sons and take them to school as usual in the morning. But when no one answered, he broke open the door with a credit card and went inside to find his ex-wife dead on the floor. He called 911 and told them what was going on, then told his two boys to go to their rooms and stay there until the police arrived.

When police arrived on the scene, they found a 32-year-old woman who had been strangled and had duct tape wrapped around her face. Some of the tapes had been cut and Hector said he did so because he hoped Norma was still alive. The crime was gruesome, but the police could see that the killer had put a lot of work into setting up the scene. There was no blood anywhere at the scene and there was no sign that anyone had broken in. When Norma’s purse was found in her bedroom and there were few signs of a struggle at the crime scene, it was clear the murder was not a failure. heist. All of these things showed that the killer was probably someone who knew Norma, and the fact that they covered her face showed that they didn’t want to look at her. A few of his shorts were undone and police also found a set of house keys near his body.

Who put Norma Rodriguez to death?

At first, the Port Hueneme police suspected Tony, so they brought him and his brother to the station for questioning. But Tony had a good excuse for knowing where he was at the time of the murder. He had attended a baseball game with his brother and eldest son, Andrew, who confirmed what he had said. Andrew also told police he was dropped off at his house late at night. When he arrived, the front door was locked and the house was pitch dark. He crawled in through his back bedroom window. Austin, who was younger, allegedly told her at the time, “Mom has a bandage on her face.” However, Andrew didn’t pay much attention to it and fell asleep. When they took polygraph tests, Tony and Hector were also cleared of suspicion.

After speaking to Austin, police discovered that someone named Corey was in the house at the time of the murder. Corey Davis was Norma’s co-worker. He was a very nervous man who denied having any kind of relationship with her other than the occasional conversation at work. He also passed a polygraph test, so he was removed from the list of people who might be guilty. The police then heard about a colleague named Beatrice. She said she was one of the people who went to Norma’s house for a barbecue the day before she died. She also said the hostess’ house keys were lost at the party. The police finally figured out how the attacker got into the house without breaking any windows or doors.

When Norma’s party guest list was carefully scrutinized, someone by the name of Warren Mackey emerged as a possible suspect. Norma’s co-workers said he tried to start a romantic relationship with her against her wishes, which Warren strongly denied. He said he watched TV with her and was the last person to leave the party. He then went to a club with his roommate and his roommate’s girlfriend. This claim was confirmed by the couple, and Warren also did well on a polygraph test.

As there was no more evidence, the case went cold. But the case went unsolved for ten years, when a lab worker used new technology to find a match to DNA found at the crime scene. Warren’s DNA matched the DNA sample. The police eventually figured out that Warren had broken into Norma’s house with the stolen keys and strangled her to death because he was angry at being turned away. Investigators were shocked and one said, “Of all the clients we worked with, he was probably the coolest.” It really blows you away. If you’re dealing with a real sociopath, he can pass a polygraph test.

Where is Warren Mackey right now?

Warren himself gave his DNA to the police when they were looking into Norma’s case. In August 2003 he was arrested and charged with killing Norma. Less than two years after his arrest, Warren pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. Official records show he was being held in a California prison.

Oralia Garci, the victim’s sister, later said, “It still hurts like it was yesterday. I miss having him with me. This cut is no better. We just put it aside for now. We need to keep living for Norma and move on.

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