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Where is Seth Jedlicka now?

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In November 2009, a home invasion in Chesapeake City, Maryland resulted in the death of a woman in the early hours of the morning. Terri McCoy was at home with her parents and boyfriend when four teenagers broke in to rob them.

She found herself in the middle of the invasion, and one of the invaders shot her right away. Investigation Discovery’s “Murder Comes to Town: The Dangers of Success” goes into detail about the case, showing viewers exactly what happened in the early hours of that fateful day that changed the McCoy family for life. Well. If you are interested in the case and want to know who did it and where it is now, we can help you. Let’s start, then.

How did Terri McCoy die?

At 1 a.m. on November 4, 2009, four armed, masked teenagers broke into the McCoy family home at 3700 Augustine Herman Highway while they were sleeping. Terry McCoy, 63, was awakened by the noise. At first she thought maybe it was her daughter Terri Ann McCoy who was falling because her blood sugar was too low. But when he saw masked boys with guns, he immediately knew someone was breaking into their house. He tried to keep the door to his bedroom, which he shared with his wife, Geraldine McCoy, closed. But the intruders beat him, and one of them shot Terry in the eye, injuring him for good. Three strangers quickly broke in, and one of them pointed a gun at a frightened and shaken Geraldine’s head. Terry was led to the living room by the other two thieves, who were looking for money and jewelry.

All the noise woke up the couple’s 40-year-old daughter, Terri Ann McCoy. She came downstairs to find out what was going on so late at night. The fourth intruder was guarding the kitchen door and he shot Terri five times as she stood on the second floor landing. The thieves forced Terry to open the safes and then made him lie on his back. Terry was lying on the ground when he heard gunshots. He had no idea it was his own daughter who was shot.

The thieves broke into the safe, stole $500,000 worth of jewelry, then fled. As the intruders fled, Tara McCoy, 33, who has been with Terri for 10 years, ran to help her. People say Terry rushed to his daughter’s side and heard her say, “I’m dying. Terri was shot multiple times, so police were called and paramedics rushed her to Christiana Hospital in Delaware, where she was pronounced dead.

Who put Terri McCoy to death?

Three of the people who broke in were wearing ski masks, but Seth Dallas Jedlicka, who was 16 at the time and the youngest of the group, was wearing nothing but war paint. It was the chance Geraldine took as she watched Seth’s face intently, trying to remember every detail even as a dangerous home invasion unfolded. According to court records, she promised to remember the face so well that it helped police make a composite drawing of Seth that was perfect. With this information and the fact that the thieves sold $30,000 worth of jewelry to a Philadelphia jeweler, police had four possible suspects in the home invasion. One of them was Seth from Middletown.

In February 2010, police attended Seth’s home and found he was not there. His family told police they did not know his whereabouts. On March 15, 2010, Seth and another of the four suspects were arrested by police in Miami, Florida. Six witnesses allegedly named Seth as a participant, and he allegedly became involved on March 24, 2010, while speaking on a recorded jail cell phone. With all of this evidence and the help of one of the burglars who made a plea deal, Seth was found guilty of killing Terri and stealing her house.

Where is Seth Jedlicka right now?

At trial, Seth’s family said he was the meanest person and always swore, even when the victim was lying on the ground after being shot multiple times. He pulled jewelry out of the bedroom safe with a “cocky smile.” VanCulin, the couple’s other daughter, even said Seth made her dad walk around the house in his underwear to make him feel less important. The state didn’t say Seth was the one who shot, but they wanted him convicted of murder. The court said his flight to Florida showed “a consciousness of his own guilt” and he was found guilty of theft over $100,000, armed robbery, first-degree burglary, use of ‘a handgun in the commission of a felony, first- assault, first degree murder and conspiracy to commit the major crimes. Seth was sentenced to life for first-degree murder by visiting judge Christian M. Kahl, but all but 60 years of that sentence were suspended. The court sentenced Seth to an additional 60 years in prison on the other charges, which would run concurrently with his sentence for murder.

According to court records, he is in jail at North Branch Correctional Facility in Cumberland, where he must remain for at least 30 years before he can be released. Seth requested a shorter sentence on August 29, 2017, but his request was denied.

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