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Where is Rachel Drafta’s killer, Theresa Petto now?

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Rachel Drafta’s body was found shot dead in the driveway of her parents’ home. This spooked residents of Portage, Michigan, which is usually a quiet place.

At first, the police didn’t know what was going on, but they soon discovered that Rachel’s boyfriend had a jealous ex-girlfriend named Theresa Petto. The ‘Deadly Women: Hot Tempers, Cold Hearts’ show on Investigation Discovery tells the story of the brutal murder and shows how the police investigation led them to Theresa. Let’s find out more about the crime by looking at the details, shall we?

How did Theresa Petto live?

Theresa Petto lived in Hastings, Michigan, and had been through a lot of bad things in her life. In fact, reports say that Theresa’s three-week-old, whose father was her then-boyfriend Brent Kik, was found dead in her apartment under suspicious circumstances four years before Rachel’s death. The cause of the child’s death turned out to be a fractured skull. Police never charged Theresa with the child’s death, but the show said her relationship with Brent worsened after the death and they ultimately decided to go their separate ways.
Brent moved on with his life and started making plans for a better future, but the show said Theresa couldn’t get over her ex-boyfriend. She also started to feel jealous and often got angry when she found out her ex was dating other women. Investigators believe it was her jealousy that led her to follow Brent, which is how she found out about his relationship with Rachel Drafta.

At the time Rachel was killed, she and Brent were quite close and had even talked about getting married. But they had no idea that something terrible was about to destroy all their hopes and dreams. Theresa couldn’t take her jealousy any longer, so on June 24, 2015, she bought a gun and went to Rachel’s parents with it. Once she arrived at the scene, she saw the victim in the driveway and started shooting him without paying attention. When the police arrived, Rachel was unconscious and the person who had done it was nowhere to be found. The victim was taken to a local hospital immediately, but her injuries were too severe and Rachel died two days later while still receiving treatment. After that, an autopsy showed that gunshot wounds were what killed her.

During the first days of the investigation, there were not many leads to follow. However, police soon discovered that Rachel was dating Brent, who was still being followed by Theresa Petto, his ex-girlfriend. Even though Theresa initially said she had nothing to do with the crime and insisted she was innocent, detectives found enough evidence to show she was guilty, so they have stopped.

Is Theresa Petto still alive or dead?

When Theresa was brought to trial, she initially said she was not guilty, but quickly changed her mind and said she was guilty but mentally ill. In 2016, she was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of leaving. In 2019, Theresa asked for a new trial and even tried to get out of her guilty plea, but both requests were denied. After that, Theresa spent her days in prison. In March 2022, word began to spread that she had passed away. Even though the news was officially announced on March 14, we still don’t know what caused his death.

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