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Where are they now? Who are still together?

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“Cosmic Love” on Prime Video is an interesting reality show about four people or “elements” who must find their life partner among a pool of sixteen single applicants.

The elements can make connections on their own, but the “Astro Chamber” helps them along the way. He gives them advice and even shows them their perfect matches based on their astrological charts. But love has never been easier to map, and it will be interesting to see if astrology can help each element find its perfect match.

The first season of “Cosmic Love” was full of drama, romance, and unexpected twists that kept viewers interested until the final episode. Fans are still interested in the current position of contestants, even though the cameras are no longer on them. Well, don’t worry, because we have answers for you!

Do Yana and Connor still have a relationship?

While on the show, Connor Shennan tried many different relationships. In the end, he proposed to Yana Orlova, and they got married in the last episode. Unfortunately, the way things are going now makes it seem like they aren’t together. They speak little in public and have stopped following each other on social networks. Moreover, they seem to live separate lives. Connor moved back to Phoenix, Arizona, where he works as a wildland firefighter, and Yana currently lives in New York.

Chris R. and Maria, do they still live together?

After getting to know a lot of people, Maria Rodriguez finally decided to marry Chris Ragusa and said yes to his proposal. Even though the show showed their beautiful marriage, it seems likely that they are no longer together. Maria and Chris don’t appear together on social media and don’t talk to each other much in public. They also seem to have stopped following each other on Instagram. Chris, meanwhile, lives in Florida and works as a business owner. Maria, on the other hand, works as a professional makeup artist in New York.

Is Noel still dating Jazmin P.?

Noel Allen’s perfect first match was Jazmin Potts, and since then the two have been pretty much inseparable. Noel thought about pursuing other relationships, but he kept coming back to Jazmin P. He eventually asked her to marry him, which led to their marriage. Well, fans will be happy to hear that Noel and Jazmin P. are still together, even though they don’t interact much in public. There have been no breakup rumors and the couple keep in touch via social media, so we believe they are still together. Noel now lives in Tampa and works as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Jazmin P. is a stylist and hairstylist who lives in Orlando.

Theresa and Darren have been together for a while

Even though Theresa and Darren were perfect partners for different things when they came on the show, they soon realized they were perfect for each other. So, as their feelings for each other grew stronger, they decided to leave the show together. Well, we’re happy to say that we think Theresa and Darren are still together based on what’s happening now, their closeness on social media, and their commitment to the show. But it appears they are in a long-distance relationship as Darren is a real estate agent in Houston, Texas, and Theresa is a social media manager in Nashville.

What happened to Phoebe Davis?

Phoebe, one of the elements, wanted to find a husband when she came on the show. But even though she made progress with a few of her matches, things went wrong at the last minute, and the reality star decided she needed to work on herself before getting married. After filming wrapped, Phoebe moved back to San Diego, where she owns and runs a marketing company. On the other hand, as an actress and model, she has made waves in the entertainment industry. From what I can see, Phoebe doesn’t seem to have someone special in her life, which means she’s still single. But she made a lot of lifelong friends during Cosmic Love, and she now lives a happy life with her family and friends.

What happened to Adrianna Raphaela?

Adrianna returned to Boca Raton, Florida after filming was completed. She seems to be living a happy life with her family. She seems to be single at the moment, but she makes a good living as a molecular biologist and does her job well. Besides that, the reality TV star is known for her modeling and acting work, and she even has her own swimwear store called Tres Angeles Swim.

What happened to Ana Miranda?

Ana lives in San Diego, and once filming wrapped, she resumed her job as a waitress and bartender serving bottles. Even though she appears to be single right now, the reality star likes to stay busy and often posts fun things she’s up to on social media.

What happened to Caleb McDonnell?

Caleb is from Ireland but now lives and works as a real estate agent in Delray Beach, Florida. He left the show alone and it looks like he’s still single. However, he seems totally focused on taking his career to new heights.

What’s up with Christopher J. Essex?

Chris E. seemed to have a good connection with Maria, at least until she chose Chris R. over him and sent him home. After filming wrapped, Chris E. returned to his normal life in Nashville, Texas, and made a name for himself as a country music artist. In fact, the reality TV star just released a new song called “Lie With Me,” which fans really liked.

What’s up with Christopher Jones?

Christopher Jones, nicknamed CJ, also liked his chances when paired with Maria Rodriguez. But while it was fun spending time with him, Maria saw CJ more as a friend than a potential romantic partner. Right now, CJ seems to be going back and forth between New York and California. He is studying law at the University of Pennsylvania and will graduate in 2025.

What happened to Danae DeSpain?

Danae and Connor became close while she was on the show, but in the end Connor decided to get rid of her and date Yana instead. So after filming wrapped, Danae returned to her hometown of Bend, Oregon, where she seems to be having a good time with her family. She also likes to travel, which is interesting. Rumor has it that the reality TV star is trying to create her own lifestyle brand.

What happened to David Christophe?

David hasn’t found his perfect match on “Cosmic Love,” but it seems there’s a lot going on in his life right now. First of all, the Los Angeles man is the CEO of his own streaming network, which mainly focuses on fitness shows. David has also turned his passion for music and acting into a career. He also works as a physical trainer.

What’s going on with Jasmine Rudulfo?

Jasmine Rudulfo was one of the first people to be kicked off the show. She now lives in Dallas, Texas and works as a social media marketer. Even though the fact that she doesn’t have a romantic partner might make it seem like she’s single, Jasmine is completely focused on her career and living a life with her friends and family.

What’s up with Javier McIntosh?

Even though Javier didn’t find love on the reality show, he moved back to Atlanta, Georgia after filming wrapped. The reality TV star, who seems single at the moment, makes a living as a director. He also co-founded production studio McIntosh Bros Video and MVMT TV, which has more than 50 free-to-black entertainment channels.

What’s up with Morgan Raphael?

Morgan went to Penn State University and now lives in the Greater Chicago Area. She runs her wellness blog, Bun Undone, from there. Morgan started her blog in 2017. Since then, she’s grown her business and written an e-book on self-care. She seems to be single right now, which is a shame, but she’s having the best time of her life.

What’s up with Phillip Newhard?

Phillip was willing to give up everything for Phoebe, but she turned him down and realized she needed to work on herself before getting involved with anyone. So, once filming was over, Phillip resumed his normal life. He now goes back and forth between New York and Cape Cod. The reality TV star makes a living as a real estate investor, and from what we can see, she leads a free and happy life.

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