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When will OWN air Belle Collective Season 2 Episode 3? Explore plot, release date and other information

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On Friday at 9 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. CT, Episode 3 of Season 2 of Belle Collective will air on OWN. The beauties will verbally argue again at Lateshia Pearson’s brunch in the next episode.

The next episode, Love, Marriage, and No Baby Carriage, is described as follows:

“Cliff is pressuring Latrice to get pregnant, and she fears that if she refuses, their love won’t last. Marie fidgets at another brunch. Lateshia and Aikisha address their disagreements when they meet.
The lives of six successful and glitzy female entrepreneurs who change the definition of what it means to be a Southern belle in Jackson, Mississippi, are the focus of Belle Collective’s second season.

All About Belle Collective Season 2 Episode 3

As the ladies gather for a brunch hosted by Lateshia with the intention of uplifting the women and showing their gratitude, things may get worse in Episode 3. Since Lateshia carefully chooses everyone for brunch, the ladies think it will be a welcome change for them. However, a sudden, heated fight makes things a bit tense.

Due to their previous disagreements, Marie isn’t happy to see Latrice at brunch. Marie and Lateshia end up fighting at brunch despite Lateshia’s attempts to mediate their disagreements. When Marie leaves brunch following the altercation, Lateshia finds herself crying in another room.

Following the argument, Marie makes the decision to stop going to brunches in the near future in order to avoid further arguments.

Latrice is struggling with a personal matter in addition to Marie. Although “Latrice’s husband really wants a child”, she is not yet ready to become a mother. She claims:

“I’m zero on wanting to have a baby on a scale of one to ten.”
Even Lateshia’s personal life is turned upside down as she is going through a tough time with her husband. The Entrepreneur of the Year winner is successful professionally, but to her dismay, her professional life falls apart. She said, “To the confessional”,

Am I still legally married? Yes. Are we still a unit? No.” About Belle Collective

On January 15, 2021, the reality series debuted. It followed the personal and professional lives of five businesswomen in Jackson, Mississippi.

These five powerful women, who represent the top black female entrepreneurs in Mississippi, are featured in the series, which comes from the creators of the popular Love & Marriage: Huntsville. These “women are bent on shattering long-held perceptions of the South while shattering ceilings, both glass and otherwise.”

Belle Collective businesswomen are forced to “put aside their disagreements to redevelop a moribund mid-20th-century historic district that was once known as the hub of black-owned businesses.”

Four beauties from the unscripted series’ first season returned for season two: business strategist Lateshia Pearson, beauty mogul Latrice Rogers, self-made billionaire Marie Hamilton-Abston, and full-time interactive media celebrity Tambra Cherie .

The two new beauties featured in the show’s upcoming season are Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. member Aikisha Holly-Colon and certified personal trainer Sophia O. Williams, commonly referred to as “So Gucci.”

Produced by Kingdom Reign Entertainment is Belle Collective. The show’s executive producers are Cherelle Hinds, Michelle Brando, Carlos King, Angela Dugan, and Scott Shatsky.

Watch the all-new episode of Belle Collective Friday on OWN.

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