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South Park fans may agree that parents are terrible, but these are the worst.

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Despite how tired fans are of Randy’s antics, we can often see that he is at least trying to be a worthy father – even if he fails. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the couple that Reddit users consider to be the worst parents in South Park: Butters’ father and mother, Steven and Linda Stotch.

“At least Randy never tried to kill his child. We know this.” u / VegetaArcher wrote on u/TheMeganProductsTopic asking about South Park’s worst parent. Noting that almost all the parents in the show are terrible (except perhaps Tolkien’s parents), some have checked the names of Cartman’s mom, Kenny’s parents, and Tweek’s parents. Ultimately, however, most fans seem to agree that the Stotches are the worst. “I think that if you try to drown your son in the river, you will win the worst parent.” u / Possible historical95 said.

The attempted murder was just one of the many things his parents did to Butters as fans were involved in another. Reddit thread was discussed. In addition to the neglect and abuse, they sent him to a “conversion therapy” camp, locked him in a dungeon in their basement, and tried to heal his supposed injury… causing him real injury. Based on the show’s animation director, Eric Stowe.Butters is a constant source of naivete and positivity, whom Matt Stone called the epitome of “permanent innocence.” McLeans. The show seems to constantly test that innocence and positivity by putting him in the most dire of situations. But he’s one of Stone’s favorite characters, as he said himself. NPR: “These are the funniest shows, it’s Cartman and Butters.”

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