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Netizens are hailing Tommy Lee for posting a video on Instagram that “brings the Kardashians back to their old face”, saying, “You are the real hero today.”

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Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee shared a video of the Kardashians on Instagram that shows them as they really are, without makeup or any cosmetic procedures. Netizens couldn’t help but praise Lee for uploading the video because it caused such a stir. One person said:

“Today you are the real hero.”

After Tommy Lee posted a stunning video of the Kardashians, netizens reacted by calling him “our true hero today.”

Netizens hailed Tommy Lee as “our true hero today” after he shared a startling Kardashian streak.

Netizens are shocked by Khloe’s makeover as Tommy Lee posts video of the Kardashians’ “old faces”.

When Lee reposted an original Mitchell Wiggs video, it went viral on social media. The video has already gone viral, with the tagline promising to restore the “old faces” of the Kardashians. By “erasing” cosmetics and surgeries, Wiggs used editing software to show the stars’ real faces.

Following Lee’s sharing of the video on Deftones’ Change, it received over 90,000 likes and thousands of comments in a single day. The revamped image of the Kardashians has inspired amusing responses from Instagram users. While some online users expressed horror, others said the video was eye-opening because it showed how cosmetic surgery can drastically alter a person’s appearance.

Users can’t stop leaving comments on the video Lee shared.

Moreover, other videos besides the reposted Lee also received a lot of engagement. On YouTube, Wiggs’ video received thousands of views and comments in just a few hours.

However, Khloe’s natural chin amazed people more than the rest of the Kardashian family. One comment even referenced an earlier claim that Khloe looked like OJ Simpson:

I had forgotten how much Khloe looks like OJ these days.

Others, on the other hand, felt the Kardashians looked better without the surgical changes and extensive Photoshop work.

The Kardashians, some said, looked better with their natural looks.

The reported story of cosmetic surgery for Kim

The Kardashians are always brought up when discussing the development of cosmetic surgery that can completely alter anyone’s appearance. Many well-known social media influencers are said to rely on cosmetic procedures and extensive image manipulation.

Rumor has it that Kim has had numerous breast augmentations, a nose job and b*tt injections over the years. She may have also had laser hair removal and liposuction.

Kim explained to Allure that although she’s had Botox, there’s no other filler in her cheeks or lips. She pronounced:

“Never, ever fulfilled neither. I have never had cheek fillers. I’ve never had my lips filled. My eyebrows are authentic.
However, the Tommy Lee movie has sparked a lot of talk regarding the Kardashians’ many procedures.

Tommy Lee recently blew his Instagram followers away

Lee shared a frontal nude selfie of himself on Instagram on Thursday, August 11. The caption for the image read, “Ooooopppsss,” and it sparked humorous discussions in the comments. Although the post is no longer visible, it is not clear if he deleted it or if Instagram deleted it.

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