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Her parents are sure she is still alive.

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Authorities in Atlanta, Georgia, Allahnia Lenoir’s family, friends and the general public are all interested in learning more about her whereabouts in light of her disappearance. Allahnia, according to reports, was last seen July 30 at the Peachtree Midtown Apartments at 1660 Peachtree Street. She went there to meet two men who were accompanied by a girlfriend, but no one has heard from her since.

The 24-year-old’s family believe she is alive, but they also believe she was abducted. She is still wanted by the Georgian police. But so far, nothing has been confirmed by investigators. On Sunday, August 7, Allahnia’s family members held a vigil during which they prayed for her safe return and distributed flyers near where she is believed to have disappeared.

According to the missing woman’s mother, Jannette Jackson, “Three people have seen my daughter, and each of them has a different story. I have a right to know what happened to him, and so do we. She didn’t want to leave for no apparent reason, so we know she had to be abducted.

Jannette said, “Don’t stop using my daughter’s name. It is unacceptable for someone who knows beyond doubt what happened to their daughter to remain silent, she continued. When someone has information but keeps it to themselves, it’s uncomfortable. As a mother, I cannot and do not want to tolerate it. Allahnia loved to eat and spend time with her family, so she said, “I just pray that she has food where she is.

Allahnia’s father, Abraham Lenoir, said he believed his daughter was in good health. Alliahnia, keep your cool, he advised. We will find you. Additionally, he added, “If you can hear me. also your mother and your father. We really love you. And we’ll keep looking until we find you. Your story has just begun; it’s not over yet. Please fight! Do not give up! We will all continue to ask God to give you the will to return home.

Abraham begs the people to help them. Try to imagine yourself going that long without hearing from a loved one, he advised, as reported by CBS46. a total nightmare. Let’s see our daughter again, please. Please keep us posted on his condition.

The woman is believed to weigh around 120 pounds and stand 5ft 4in tall, sources say. She’s got black hair, black eyes, and that. On July 30, she left her residence wearing a blue shirt, blue shorts, and cream-colored shoes.

Anyone with information is asked to call 911 or the Atlanta Police Homicide/Missing Adult Unit at 404-546-4235 as Allahnia’s whereabouts remain unknown. In an extra effort to discover Allahnia, an Instagram page called “finding fruity” has been created.

A post on the account read, “This is a place where we need to be respectful and share whatever information we can in hopes of locating Fruity.” Let’s show the world that we are a family and a unit by acting civilly. We will work together to find Fruity! Please use appropriate language and acceptable images! The whole thing, including his family, look! fruity spotting

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