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Check out the reality of the severed girl’s head from the viral TikTok video

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Check out the reality of the severed girl’s head from the viral TikTok video

Mayengg03’s TikTok video is trending online. In a live TikTok video, a girl’s head appeared to have fallen off. The identity of the child and the authenticity of the video are still debated.

Even though the identity of the uploaded content is unknown, Mayengg03 is undoubtedly the one who first submitted the awful and horrifying clip.

Head Ch0pped Off TikTok Video by Mayengg03:

There is a popular TikTok video of a girl with the title “[email protected], but because TikTok deleted the video, no one knows if the lady in the video is Mayengg03. But many social media sites posted the images

A man was seen kissing a girl’s throat in the horrific video posted by Mayenggo3. The girl’s hands were tied with a rope.

Mayenggo3: who is she?

Mayengg03 can be seen dancing to the song “I’m coming home tonight” in the alleged video. However, after a little while, a horrifying sight surprised everyone. In this video, a woman’s neck has been repeatedly slashed with a sharp knife.

Although it has been removed from TikTok, the video continues to attract interest from Internet users. Additionally, online users demanded TikTok to delete the Mayenggo3 account.

Because it’s not a video that belongs on such a site and because no one expected this kind of content from a teenager.

Video by Mayengg03 on TikTok

However, there is no denying that the girl in the supposed video was not Mayenggo3, and Spanish was spoken there. They used the English word “Puto”, which means “man”. Another possibility is that the individual who was killed in the video was a man and not a woman.

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