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Who are Victoria Brimer and Tina Frey, originally from Louisiana? Dog abuse video sparks outrage on Twitter

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On TikTok and other social media sites, a terrible video showing Tina Frey and Victoria Brimer abusing an innocent dog under the guise of training him is circulating.

We reveal the history of the incident, the people involved and the fallout as the internet exposes the behavior.

Who are Victoria Brimer and Tina Frey, originally from Louisiana?

Hailing from Louisiana, Tina Frey and Victoria Brimer are a mother-daughter team. It appears they are instructors at a dog training academy based on a popular video they are seen in. However, this cannot simply be verified by watching a random TikTok video.

Tina, the eldest mother, appears to be in her 40s, while Victoria, her young daughter, appears to be a teenager.

The specific incidence is said to have taken place at Cypress Arrow Cane Corso. According to their website, they have partnered with the K9 Training Academy and are the largest cane corso breeder and all-breed dog trainer in Louisiana. Unfortunately, it is now impossible to visit their website or Facebook page. It is claimed that the huge internet animosity they have received is the cause.

Moreover, about the alleged mistreatment, neither the two women nor the company itself made any statements. Outrage on Twitter, TikTok and other social media sites is at a fever pitch right now, with everyone waiting for an explanation while vehemently criticizing the behavior.

Cypress Arrow dog abuse video of Tina and Victoria

In the footage, Tina and Victoria can be seen savagely beating a black dog. It was posted by a TikTok user by the name of Asia and Lotus, and it shows a woman issuing a strong trigger warning for animal abuse. She goes on to state that it was from a Louisiana company by the name of Cypress Arrow Cane Corso and asks viewers to skip it if they can’t see sensitive content.

A woman and her daughter hold a rope that was used to tie up a dog at the start of the video. The young animal can be seen in pain as they both pull him as if playing tug of war. Moreover, it is incredibly upsetting to see them beating so violently.

It’s obvious that Tina and Victoria are abusing their authority by teaching the dog. Towards the conclusion, we see the dog being ordered to sit down by the mother, and he complies.

Twitter reactions to dog abuse in Louisiana

Twitter is flooded with users outraged by Cypress Arrow Cane Corso’s unacceptable behavior. Each has a different point of view, but they all share a desire for the mother-daughter to make amends for their transgressions.

Among them, one of them remarks: “The race has a terrible name. We all know how explosive dogs that have been beaten into submission can be, and it’s never their fault, but they also get the blame, so it’s alarming that these frightened ones are used in public despite the fact that they have worked with police services. »

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