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What is Devi’s current love situation in Never Have I Ever Season 3?

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Season 2 of Never Have I Ever ended on a turbulent time for Devi after she was discovered twosome with Ben and Paxton, the hot school guy. Devi had to deal with the mess she caused in her love life because her mother decided not to move her family to India.

However, Season 2 ended with Devi finally settling down with Paxton, the boy of her dreams, and letting Ben date Aneesa after what seemed like a turbulent season. Devi’s thinking may have been clouded with feelings of resentment and bitterness, but in the end it all turned out well for her despite her hasty actions putting her on hold.

With the release of Never Have I Ever season 3, we can finally find out what will happen in Devi’s life and whether or not her relationship with Paxton will succeed.

In the third season of Never Have I Ever, Devi and Paxton get engaged

Devi is incredibly proud of her romantic position. The relationship between her and Paxton, the man of her dreams, was now formally established. However, things weren’t as perfect as she had expected. Together, Paxton and Devi made a lot of noise, and not in a good way.

There was a rumor circulating at school that the hottest guy in school could only like dating a nerd like Devi because she solicited dates with him. Devi’s situation was made worse by Lady Whistle Boy, the school’s TikTok account, who frequently posted photos of Devi and Paxton together.

Devi made a concerted effort to ignore the derogatory remarks about her and Paxton she heard in the restroom, but her concern about what the other students thought of them persisted. And they were about to get significantly worse.

Devi received a text telling her that Paxton might not be who he claimed to be just when she was beginning to believe the rumors were the worst thing that could happen to her relationship.

What are the current conditions for Devi’s friends and family?

In Never Have I Ever, everyone in Devi’s circle is currently attached. Eleanor has a relationship with Trent, who is very much in love with her, while Ben is with Aneesa. Unfortunately for Fabiola, his girlfriend is moving to South Korea. The couple is committed to communicating over a great distance despite the 4 p.m. time difference. Will things go well for the couple?

In other news, Pati insisted that Kamala try to return to Prashant after embarrassing herself in front of their families while fleeing, but they both came to the conclusion that they were not a good match as they both had different priorities at the time.

Even though all of these relationships seem to be in jeopardy right now, we can hope things will get better or worse as the season progresses. Will Devi take the anonymous text seriously, even if it appears to come from a real person who cares about her rather than a troll? Only time will tell. Stream Season 3 of Never Have I Ever right now on Netflix.

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