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What happened to Ted Beneke in Breaking Bad Season 5? Update on Christopher Cousins ​​role today

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In the television show Breaking Bad, Christopher’s cousin, Ted Beneke, ran and owned the Beneke Fabricators company, which he received from his father.

Beneke was both Skyler White’s boss and her lover. He has twin daughters and is no longer married. In his later years, he took over the family business and grew closer to the people who worked there.

As Beneke Fabricators’ money began to run out, he turned to grand fraud to keep the business going. He did this by altering the company’s financial records.

In season 5 of Breaking Bad, what happened to Ted Beneke?

In the fifth season of the drama “Breaking Bad”, Saul Goodman goes to the A1A Car Wash to tell Skyler White that Ted has a problem.

After Skyler finds out that Ted was cheating on his taxes, he tries to convince her to help him change the books. But in season four of Breaking Bad, the IRS uncovered the company’s tax evasion.

If Beneke had been found guilty, he might have lost his money and gone to jail. In order to avoid severe punishment, he had to pay over $600,000 in back taxes and fines.

Skyler gave him the money he needed, but Ted didn’t use it to solve the problem.

After that, Skyler told two bodyguards to use dodgy lawyer Saul Goodman to coerce Ted into writing a check to the IRS (Bob Odenkirk).

He then got scared and tried to run away, but tripped over a rug and badly broke his neck.

Ted was thought to be dead, but Skyler went to see him in the hospital in Season 5, and he promised to keep all the secrets from her and her family to himself.

Where is actor Christopher Cousins ​​Ted Beneke now?

Saul tells Skyler that Ted Beneke has actually come out of his coma. At first, Skyler thought he was dead because she didn’t know about his accident.

When he came out of the coma, he was in very poor condition. Cousins ​​said most people thought Ted was afraid of white people for the rest of his life.

The actor thought Ted might be quadriplegic because of what happened, which would keep him in bed and leave him alone.

Even though he settled his fraud with the IRS, he probably lost his business and most of his other stuff after Breaking Bad.

Ted’s status was one of the unanswered questions in Breaking Bad and its sequel, El Camino.

Once Walt’s illegal actions came to light, Ted might have felt safe enough to talk to investigators.

What’s going on with Ted Beneke?

A frightened Ted Beneke tries to run away but trips on a rug and bangs his head against furniture, possibly injuring his neck.

He was therefore taken to the hospital with a serious neck injury. And that was the end of his time on Breaking Bad.

When Skyler visits Beneke in the hospital, he is in very bad shape due to his terrible neck injury. He tells her that he will keep everything that happened to her a secret.

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