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Killer faces death penalty after stabbing his 3-year-old daughter to death

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LONGWOOD, FL: A man is facing the death penalty because he is accused of stabbing and killing his two young daughters in a bloody attack.

Juan Bravo-Torres, 39, was charged with first degree premeditated murder and attempted murder on Tuesday, August 9, 2022. The charges stem from an attack on his children in Longwood, Florida on July 21, 2022. Prosecutors have named the child who was killed as 3-year-old Eva Bravo-Herrera. Her 12-year-old sister survived, but she is in very poor condition.

Police say when the 12-year-old girl who is still alive woke up in July her father attacked her with a knife. When detectives spoke to the daughter of Bravo’s eldest Torres, she told them that her father had reached for her neck while she slept in her brother’s bedroom. Lawyers say defendant Bravo-Torres went to get another knife. When the girl left the room, she saw her younger sister lying on the floor in the hallway. When police arrived on the scene, they saw a lot of blood and found Bravo-Torres unconscious and injured in the bathroom. His chest was seriously injured. The New York Post says the father attempted suicide by cutting his wrists and throat after being accused of killing his toddler, but he survived and was sent to prison.

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“The victim told police her father attacked her with a knife, but she fought back and ended up pretending to be dead to get him to stop,” police said. “The victim said that after pretending to be dead, her father dragged her and her younger sister to the bathroom down the hall.” The victim said her father turned off the bathroom lights, but she saw him cut his wrists and heard what sounded like him slitting his throat.

The body of Eva, who had been killed by a knife, was found in the same bathroom. Officers said the 12-year-old boy stood there and waited for the suspect to pass out. Once she thought he was gone, she took the knife for protection, locked the bathroom from the inside, and ran to the McDonald’s where her mother worked.

At a Longwood home where a man is accused of killing his 3-year-old daughter, seriously injuring his 12-year-old daughter and stabbing himself, neighbors have left memorial items.

Documents show that in 2011 Juan Bravo-Torres was arrested for hitting his wife.

Last month, Bravo-Torres failed to appear in court because he needed to undergo “emergency surgery”. In his current photo from Seminole County, you can see what looks like a scar below his neck. Law&Crime records show he is still in jail because of the case and a detention from ICE.

On July 27, the suspect declared he was not guilty. His court date will be August 30, 2022. Later, Longwood Police Sgt. Derek Chenoweth praised the 12-year-old for her courage and quick thinking in a scary situation. “It’s amazing how brave this 12-year-old girl was,” he said. “It is possible that the adults could not have made this choice. This 12-year-old girl did this, and because of the choices she made, she is still alive today.

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