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Is Aneesa bisexual or gay?

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Everyone around her tends to get caught up in the drama that her love life causes. In season two, after Devi breaks up with Ben and Paxton, Aneesa comes into the picture.

Aneesa is an American Indian and Devi is jealous of the popularity she has become so quickly. Things get even more complicated when Aneesa starts dating Ben, whom Devi still loves. At first, Aneesa is seen as a source of trouble, but as the story progresses, different parts of her personality begin to emerge.

Is Aneesa bisexual?

Even though the show doesn’t say much about his sexuality, the third season does show that Aneesa is gay. Aneesa had never been attracted to someone of the same sex before, so when she kisses Fabiola, it may surprise both the audience and her. At this point, her relationship with Ben is falling apart. She can tell that Ben is more interested in his schoolwork when it comes to her, but when it comes to Devi, he’s happy to talk for hours.

Even after telling Ben how she feels, it doesn’t seem to make much difference to him, so Aneesa decides to end their relationship. It also makes her feel bad because things are going well for her right now. Her sports team wins a tournament for the first time and she also does well in school. But she needs someone to give her the support she needs and encourage her when she’s doing well. She thinks her boyfriend will, but Ben is more interested in Devi’s troll than Aneesa’s accomplishments.

When she feels weak, Fabiola comforts her by saying exactly what Aneesa wanted to hear from Ben. Even though they seem very different, Fabiola is always there for her. Because of this, Aneesa kisses him which makes things awkward between them. They don’t tell anyone because Aneesa is still figuring out her sexuality and hasn’t told anyone yet, and Fabiola doesn’t want to force anything on her.

But eventually they decide to get over how awkward it is and start dating. But then their different personalities start to show, and when Aneesa sees that Fabiola is getting along better with Addison, Des’s friend they meet at Devi’s party, she decides they should break up on good terms instead. to let things get worse. Aneesa realizes that she probably needs to find someone who likes the same things she does. This shows that Aneesa’s sexuality is not the reason for the breakup. She’s more queer than most people, but she has to figure out what she really wants.

Aneesa didn’t have a typical “coming out of the closet” moment, so it’s possible her sexuality isn’t limited to just being gay or bisexual. Since both of her ex-boyfriends are smart, she could be pansexual or sapiosexual. From every angle, it’s clear that Aneesa isn’t straight.

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