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HORROR ATTACK! Video shows bystanders saving woman from drowning by attacker in PUBLIC FOUNTAIN

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Edward Jacob
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In Valencia, Spain, on Tuesday August 9, a man was arrested and charged with attempting to kill a woman he was with at a public fountain.

Alarming phone footage of the incident shows the shirtless man, who appears drunk, holding the woman by the hair and forcing her head into the water. The 52-year-old, who has not yet been named, was taken into national police custody and is now charged with attempting to kill someone.

In the video, you can hear someone shouting, “He’s going to kill her!” You can see the man talking to the woman while he won’t leave her. Even though everyone begs him to let her go, he holds his hair tight until a man in a red T-shirt jumps up and gives him a headlock. Then a second man jumps up and starts punching the first, but the first continues to roughly hold her as he tries to fight off the rescuers. The man won’t let go of the woman’s hair until the second man hits him hard and knocks him down. The two eventually managed to pull the man away from her, and the half-naked woman staggered safely out of the fountain.

A fight broke out when a passerby offered to take a picture of the two as they stood together in water in a park in Valencia, Spain, but got away with the man’s mobile phone as soon as he received it. The man then thought his friend was involved in the robbery, so he turned on her and tried to drown her in the fountain, according to local reports. A few minutes later, paramedics arrived and took the two injured people to hospital. The man was taken to hospital for a cut on his forehead and cheekbone, and the victim was taken to hospital for injuries he sustained during the fight. When the police arrived, the person who stole the phone and the two people who helped him were gone. The man has now been arrested by the National Police and is charged with attempting to kill someone.

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