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Chyanne TikTok (chat abuser video on Twitter)

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Every day we hear something that deviates significantly from the usual; more recently, a TikToker won an award for performing an extremely bizarre and unpleasant act. Internet users had accused TikToker Chyanne of sexually torturing her pet cat.

Millions of people viewed the violent footage made public online, and everyone was outraged by what she did and felt bad for the unfortunate animal. To learn more, keep reading.

How did Chyanne TikTok behave? Cat abuse video takes over Twitter

According to her username on TikTok, Chyanne is a young woman who has come under fire from netizens for engaging in lewd behavior while having sex with her pet cat.

Worse still, her boyfriend Chris recorded these images. Chyanne claims that once he made the video public on TikTok, everyone on Twitter and Reddit started talking about it.

The video first appeared on TikTok, where it received a lot of negative attention. Although it has since been removed, there are still a number of links and copies circulating online.

Chyanne took down the video after it turned out to be such an offensive clip. She recently posted a video explaining the incident and its effects.

Chyanne’s real name and age TikTok: Reddit Reaction

Chyanne’s real name has not been made public so far, but it could be. Chris is the name of her boyfriend. A TikTok member discussing the couple’s age revealed that Chyanne is 17 and her boyfriend Chris is 21. They also referred to Chris as Chyanne’s legal guardian.

Chyanne accused Chris of being behind the viral video when it went viral online. She also talked about how he used to abuse the cat. She claims her boyfriend once tried to strangle the cat and kicked it.

She talked about being furious about this video throughout her video while blaming her partner. The audience is furious because she avoided the topic that needs to be addressed – treating this cat in such a cruel way.

The lover recorded the footage of the cat being sexually assaulted by its owners and posted it on TikTok.

The TikToker acts like Chris saved her, but viewers are upset as they claim the cat is the victim in this situation. She goes on to say that Chris asked her to record it after he persuaded her it was fun.

Despite knowing Chyanne had a problem, one Twitter user expressed her anger saying she never imagined the TikToker would do such a terrible thing. Another person who watched and responded to the video corroborated the information by stating that it was accurate, and Chyanne’s boyfriend had posted images of her on his TikTok live.

The video has also gone viral on Reddit, where you can see people complaining about it and asking those who haven’t seen it for the URL.

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