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Boys untold truth

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine is an American Film Critic, writer, and journalist. She received a postgraduate degree in Film and Media Studies and has contributed several articles for top magazines. Her film criticisms were published on leading websites and have gained massive popularity. Besides film criticism, she loves to write about recent hot topics of celebrities and breaking news.

Perhaps the main reason The Boys was such a huge success is the border-pushing extremes instigated by showrunner Eric Kripke. However, long before Kripke was blowing heads and causing a buzz with his superhero series, he was pushing the boundaries of what could be shown on TV with his long-running series Supernatural. Created by Kripke, the impressive 15-season series was a huge hit for The CW. First airing in 2005, the dark fantasy drama has become a big part of Kripke’s career, so it makes sense that The Boys would have references to his first major success.

Supernatural fans were thrilled when it was announced that Jensen Ackles would be joining the cast of The Boys for season three. Former Dean Winchester actor has taken on the highly publicized role of Soldier Boy Captain America in Homelander’s Superman. The third season includes a number of Ackles-related Easter eggs – for example, his character underwent a procedure on January 24, which turned out to be Dean Winchester birthday. In addition, there is link the famous Winchester car, black 1967 Chevrolet Impala.

“There are little Supernatural Easter eggs in a bunch of scenes with Jensen,” Kripke said. Diversity. “If you think about the number of people on the creative team for this show that came from Supernatural, I, [executive producer and director] Phil Sgriccia Jensen [composer] Christopher Lennertz, we couldn’t help but add something because this show has been such a huge part of our lives.” Supernatural Easter eggs aren’t limited to Jensen Ackles. twitter user caught that actor Jim Beaver has the same name in both universes, Robert Singer. In the comics, this character’s name is Robert Schaefer.

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