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Barry’s Bill Hader explains why filming in LA is so important to him

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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In August 2022, Bill Hader spoke to Hollywood Reporter about everything related to “Barry”, following a series of Emmy nominations (which includes writing, directing and acting for Hader only, as well as an outstanding comedy series). During the discussion, interviewer Tyler Coates noted that “Barry” showcased many different parts of Los Angeles and asked Hader to describe what he likes about the city as a writer.

Hader began by living in the city sporadically since 1999, during which time he experienced many different levels of work in the entertainment industry, from sound engineer assistant to actor and now screenwriter and director. Hader continued, “Like any industry you work in for a while, you just see things that drive you crazy. You also can’t have that kind of satire without loving the place and having [experienced] some of these things themselves.”

The Los Angeles setting also allows Hader and the other writers to delve into the not-so-good sides of the entertainment industry and even satirize elements of it, through Barry and Sally’s promising acting careers. After meeting in Cousino’s acting class, the former couple achieve varying levels of success in Hollywood.

Khader said: “You can take someone who is basically innocent and then watch him. [discover] the person behind the curtain… You come here completely fascinated by movies and TV and music and then you get into it. You study business and then you [become jaded].”

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