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Autopsy sketch of Gianna Bryant for “Blunt Trauma” on Reddit and Twitter

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Vanessa Bryant, the mother of Gianna Bryant, has filed a lawsuit against eight Los Angeles County employees for sharing photos of her late daughter and her husband, Kobe Bryant, with their friends.

Seven other people, including Gianna and Kobe Bryant, perished in a helicopter crash in Calabasas in January 2020. Los Angeles County workers are accused of photographing the lifeless corpses of victims after the crash and used for personal purposes. The drawings of their bodies are therefore often shared on social networks.

Gianna Bryant Autopsy Sketch for “Blunt Trauma” Twitter and Reddit

Vanessa Bryant, Gianna’s mother, has filed a lawsuit against numerous LA County officials for their conduct leading to the death of her husband and child. Her lawyer claims that by taking pictures of her husband and daughter’s bodies and sharing them online, rescuers added salt to an already open wound.

LA County employees are being sued by Vanessa Bryant for taking and posting photos of her deceased husband and daughter.

Because she fears she or her living children will see the photos, the widow of basketball player Kobe Bryant is suing the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for invasion of privacy. The legendary NBA player’s 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, along with seven others, died in a tragic helicopter crash in January 2020 on their way to a basketball game.

Update on Vanessa Bryant’s Case and Court Hearing

The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles on Wednesday, and it seeks millions of dollars in damages for negligence, anguish and invasion of privacy.

Just two days after the collision, Sheriff’s Deputy Joey Cruz allegedly showed patrons of a California club photos of Kobe’s severed body. Cruz was sitting at the Baja California Bar & Grill in Norwalk when he was seen on camera handing his phone to a bartender to show him something onscreen.

Why does the exposing party deserve punishment?

The conduct of these employees is unacceptable in every way. They had distributed such images to arbitrary individuals. The lives of the deceased person’s family members have been negatively affected by their activities. Vanessa Bryant left the courtroom as testimony uncovering photos taken at the crash site was underway.

In Vanessa Bryant’s federal civil lawsuit against Los Angeles County, which claims county firefighters and Sheriff’s Department employees shared footage of the January 2020 helicopter crash in locations unrelated to the investigation, including a bar, the incident occurred on the second day of testimony.

Vanessa Bryant sobbed as Victor Gutierrez, a bartender, was asked if he had seen the body of Vanessa Bryant’s daughter in the photos. Gutierrez was explaining what he saw in some photographs that a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy showed.

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