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Why some Deadliest Catch fans still don’t understand Josh Harris’ role on the show

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Reddit thread started you / robertgule1 yells Death Catch captain Josh Harris, saying, “I was curious to see if anyone else agrees that Josh Harris is basically on the trip and getting the check. Casey does everything. Thoughts?” The caption refers to Casey McManus, who, along with Harris, manages Cornelia Marie’s boat. McManus took Harris under his wing to become a skipper after Harris inherited Cornelia Marie. The two men are also business partners.

While many Reddit users have speculated about what Harris is up to, you/steele1998 came to his defense when they said, “I think people are too hard on Josh. He was a sailor who was suddenly forced to own a boat, and it’s not easy.” Harris inherited his boat, the Cornelia Marie, after his father, Death Catch captain Phil Harris, passed away in 2010. However, the memory of Phil Harris remains an important part of the show.

Fans may remain confused and torn by what exactly Josh Harris does on the show, aside from owning his boat, but his passion for the job is strong, even though he’s had his moments of doubt. In an interview with Fox NewsHarris was asked if he had ever come close to giving up his fishing career, to which he replied, “Oh, every day—every day—especially since I lost my father. For a while, I resented fishing.” So what got Phil Harris back on track? He credits his newfound devotion to the craft to the Hillstrands for picking him up and giving him the motivation to keep doing it. It’s clear from this that Harris wants to be part of this lifestyle for more than just a paycheck.

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