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Unresolved Golden Girls storyline that fans are still arguing about

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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In the two-part season five opener, “Sick and Tired” (for IMDb), Dorothy begins to experience mysterious physical symptoms that affect her quality of life. Every doctor she visits dismisses her problems as purely psychological, which irritates and upsets Dorothy. In order for her to be correctly diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, a visit to a specialist is required. This leads to an extremely enjoyable scene where Dorothy, after taking the girls to a gourmet dinner to celebrate this victory, stumbles upon one of the doctors who fired her and publicly dresses him.

This is an episode that was praised by fans of the show, bringing tears to the eyes of fans. This proved to be especially acute for those who managed the disease themselves, such as Film school rejects” Valerie Ettenhofer. But you/sasha_belA post on the show’s subreddit points to one big problem with this storyline: Dorothy’s CFS is never mentioned again, and she never shows symptoms of the disease again. “I get a little annoyed when a comedy turns into a drama in a couple of episodes to take on something relevant, and then the same storyline never repeats again,” they said.

Fans reacted differently to u/sahsie__belle’s post. U/beekee404 spoke on behalf of many, saying they thought Dorothy may have learned to deal with her symptoms offscreen. “She was happy that her condition was finally given a name and that she hadn’t lost her mind.” They later added, “There are illnesses that one simply has to learn to live with and learn how to deal with them easily.”

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