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This $100 US Collectible Teddy Bear is More Value Than You Think

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine is an American Film Critic, writer, and journalist. She received a postgraduate degree in Film and Media Studies and has contributed several articles for top magazines. Her film criticisms were published on leading websites and have gained massive popularity. Besides film criticism, she loves to write about recent hot topics of celebrities and breaking news.

As for where Mike Wolfe found this antique teddy bear, he and Frank Fritz dug it up in a long-idle masonry closet in Missouri. The facility was looked after by a local policeman who wanted to turn the land into a community-friendly space. To do this, he naturally sought to unload as much property on the land as possible, and this is exactly the situation in which Wolfe and the American Assemblers team tend to thrive.

Despite the perfect setup, Wolfe and Fritz aren’t exactly crazy about choosing an old brick factory. In fact, they’re being surprisingly discreet given the circumstances, leaving with a few sturdy old brick dryers and a bunch of vintage toys found in the warehouse. One of these toys is a really vintage teddy bear in a hand-sewn dress. Wolfe first notices the bear because of this dress and soon checks to see if it has articulated (i.e., movable) limbs, a feature that greatly increases the overall value of the stuffed animal. Priceless.com).

After confirming that the arms, head, and legs move and that the bear is generally in fairly good condition, Wolf immediately considers the bear worthy of an investment, offering $100 for it. Once the deal is closed, he admits that for a good collector, such antiques can cost around $200. It’s hardly retirement money, but doubling down on the mediator is just good business. And Wolfe was no doubt happy, given his modest investment.

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