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Rating of each main character in Westworld

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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An owner who is older than the park itself, Akceta leads at least four of the lives we know about in Westworld: first, as an Argos Initiative trading bot; then married native tribesmen of Westworld; leader of the violent Ghost Nation and finally Bernard’s guide to the Sublime.

The massacre by Dolores Abernathy and Teddy Flood came as a surprise to Akecheta, who lived peacefully in the park until its grand opening. At the scene of this massacre, he discovers the Labyrinth, which leads him on the path to consciousness. In fact, he may be the first host since Dolores to manifest consciousness.

Remade to become a more ruthless warrior as the leader of the Ghost Nation, Akecheta reaches the Beyond Valley or the Door to the Exalted and returns to kidnap his former lover Kohana. Once “his” Kohana is taken to Mesa and returned as a new owner with no memories, Akceta spends the next decade wandering the park looking for answers.

Here Akecheta meets Maeve. Because of his love for Kohane, he identifies with Maeve’s love for her daughter. “Everyone in this place had someone mourning their loss, even if they didn’t know why,” he once says. “We were all bound together, alive and damned.”

Ford refers to Akecheta as “a flower that grows in darkness” as he, like Maeve, turns his personal tragedies and sacrifices into self-discovery. Now he gives this gift to others, explaining the Exalted’s strange physics and rules.

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