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Precious is a person. Lizzo is mistaken for a Kathy Hilton movie character on Watch What Happens Live

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Edward Jacob
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When Kathy Hilton and Crystal Kung Minkoff made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, things got weird. Kathy showed a photo of Lizzo and asked who she was. When Kathy responded, she stunned the online community saying:

“I think I can,”


Many thought Kathy was referring to Gabourey Sidibe, who played Precious in the 2019 film of the same name, when she used the term “Precious.” Following this, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star experienced significant backlash and mockery online.

theBRANDJasmine[email protected]
It was awkward, I guess. Lizzo is mistaken for Kathy Hilton’s ‘Precious’ star Gabourey Sidibe @bravotv 3 1.

Precious is a person. Kathy Hilton mistakenly identifies Lizzo with a movie character, sparking controversy

An obese, abused and illiterate teenager who becomes pregnant with her second child by her biological father is the subject of the 2009 American film Precious. Precious is the name of the film’s main character; she is who Kathy thought the singer was.

a still from the movie “Precious” (Still from the movie Precious)
a still from the movie “Precious” (Image via Precious – The Movie)
During her appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Kathy participated in the game “Will! Kathy! You know them? Kathy saw a photo of the singer with Andy Cohen and Crystan Fung Minkoff, who were also in attendance.

Crystal tried to lessen the awkwardness of the situation by saying:

However, Lizzo is precious, and she is precious.

NOPlagiarism [email protected]
Superb, Kathy Hilton First of all, not “Precious”, IT’S GABOUREY SIDIBE, and SECOND, IT’S QUEEN LIZZO! HOW DID YOU MISS SHE? 3 weeks ago she also appeared on #WWHL! big fat Crystal Bravo, Lizzo, Kathleen Hamilton, RHOBH and RHOBH Mean Girls!

Later, Kathy tried to hide her huge mistake, saying:

“That’s what I call it; I call it Precious,” the speaker said.
Kathy used the term “Precious” in reference to Gabourey Sidibe’s performance in the film Precious, for which she also won an Oscar and a Golden Globe. It’s important to point out that Kathy also failed to acknowledge Justin Timberlake and Dwayne Johnson in addition to Lizzo.

Nonetheless, calling Lizzo “Precious” has caused internet trolls.

After mistaking Lizzo for “Precious,” Kathy Hilton received a significant amount of anger. Within hours, news of Hilton’s mistake spread like wildfire. As soon as it happened, Twitter was flooded with angry fans who wondered how Kathy didn’t know the singer existed.

In fact, many of them asked questions and said she should have clarified if she didn’t know. Users disagreed and claimed that calling a plus-size black woman “Precious” was offensive.

These mfs won’t stop me.
I won’t be stopped by these mfs, @PrettiDownBrown.
Kathy Hilton tried. She is well aware that Lizzo does not look like Precious.
1 Aphrodite dressed in pajamas.
Aphrodite in pajamas.
It’s not funny at all that Kathy Hilton calls Lizzo Precious (Gabourey Sidibe). Tweets about black people spitting out their drinks. This mom and her kids were caught using racist language, and it looks like she said something weird this season as well.
Fella sFella[email protected]
Although Kathy Hilton has seen the movie Precious, she ignores Lizzo.

Beyoncé’s “Whitney, Rih-Rih, Nicki” is sung as “Whitney, Rih-Rih, Nicki”. – Wiz Khalifa @wiz thcreator
Does KATHY Hamilton really think Lizzo is priceless? #WWHL #RHOBH 4 DéNσM DéN&m; @SirLeeJay
When Kathy Hilton looks at a photo of Lizzo
See photo on Twitter
@vvojciechovvski Roda Dzie 7 Roda Dzie 7
When Kathy Hilton noted that Lizzo looked like Precious 1, Andy Cohen said

Celene Of Onathan Celene Of Onathan @issajonathan3
Unlike Kathy Hilton, who mistook Lizzo for Precious,
Brion (bre-yon)
@marqbrion Brion (bre-yon)
It sounds very… racist when Kathy Hilton calls Lizzo Precious.
In the meantime, the singer has yet to comment on the entire incident. The 34-year-old American rapper and singer is well known for her contributions to the music industry.

She began her recording career with hip-hop music and holds numerous records including a Guinness World Record, three Grammys, a Billboard Music Award, a BET Award, and a Billboard Music Award.

The singer-rapper has over a million fans on social media, many of whom are in awe of her talent and know her best songs like Cuz I Love You and Truth Hurts.

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