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LABOUM fans are devastated by reports that the group will be disbanding before the end of August.

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Fans are devastated by the news that LABOUM will be going their separate ways in late August or early September.

According to an exclusive Star News story on August 11, LABOUM will split up around late August or early September. The reason is that Yanolja, a software company well known for its travel and hospitality industry, is buying the group’s agency, Interpark Music Plus. It is said that Yanoljia will not lead the girl group when the acquisition process is over.

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Although this rumor has not yet been verified, many Lattes are considering the likelihood of this happening. They posted their concerns on social media to show their grief and disappointment.

ᴊʏʀsᴊʏʀ[email protected]
Oh, is Laboum going to separate?
4 Fans are puzzled as to why only girl groups have to live in fear of breaking up. While this is a legitimate concern, there are still many unknowns regarding K-pop girl groups in general.

:After Like :After Like @kimlip t
If Laboum breaks up, I’ll basically go wild. Don’t hurt MOTHER that way.

Gab Pacifico Follow him on Twitter: @gab pacifico
2NE1 break
Mamamoo Hiatus Laboum split up?
Really heartbreaking
However, some fans still hope that even if the band breaks up, they will still release one last record for them as a parting gift.

ziae[email protected]
I ask you all to please help me get a successful Laboom album before they go their separate ways.

🌞s🌞[email protected]
–s-[email protected]
Sad to see Laboum separate
Interpark Music Plus has provided a new update, stating that no decision has been made on the future of the four-person girl group and that they will let Lattes know once a final decision has been made.

#ThankYouLaboom from the basement
The basement: “Thank you basement”
UPDATE: According to Interpark Music Plus, no decision regarding the future of LABOUM has been made in writing.

The acquisition of Interpark by Yanolja will lead to the cancellation of Interpark Music Plus, although LABOUM’s future is still uncertain. twitter.com/LetEmOut/statu…
#ThankYouLaboom from the basement
The basement: “Thank you basement”
According to reports, LABOUM will be dissolved by the end of August following the closure of its management agency.

Let’s celebrate the wonderful years we’ve had with the girls and please continue to support the women in their future endeavours! #ThanksLaboom
See photo on Twitter
LABOUM had previously made a dissolution implication.
Apparently, LABOUM will separate before the end of August.

LABOUM’s current employer, Interpark Entertainment, is a division of Interpark; following the recent acquisition of Interpark by Yanolja, the company will no longer manage management agencies.

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The brilliant girl group spoke to SpoTV News on November 3 after the release of their third mini album, BLOSSOM, and discussed several challenges that nearly caused the group to break up before the sudden success of Fresh Adventure.

The band members admitted they had talked about breaking up and recalled how difficult it had been given their lack of popularity. Soyeon said she considered approaching other singers for collaboration and appearances in their projects, while Jinyea said she considered acting as a potential career choice. Everyone was shocked when Haein dropped a bombshell and revealed that she considered quitting the entertainment profession to try her luck in another one.

Brazilian Lab
@laboumsquadbr Laboum Brasil
[ARTIGO] 08.11.22 – LABOUM “Rumor of dissolution” Nothing is confirmed.
See photo on Twitter
See photo on Twitter

The gifted female members of the group have admitted their fortunes have been damaged by the belated popularity of their 2016 song Fresh Adventure. The song became well-known on YouTube before appearing on variety shows.

The song, which was performed on the MBC variety show “Hang Out With You,” changed music history as the members rose to the top of the charts. They also had the opportunity to perform in musical programs.

This happened during their seventh year, which is known to be the year of the curse when many girl groups broke up. The popularity of Fresh Adventure led to the renewal of the members’ contracts with Interpark Music Plus, and a new mini-album was also produced.

revenge [email protected]
When Cotton Candy learned that Laboum had disbanded at the end of August, she immediately contacted the CEO and asked if she could still lead the group.

Broo, why are you acting so strange? – NANGIS BGT BENERANNNN
See photo on Twitter
See photo on Twitter

Member Haein was happy and said the following:

“I felt that if I gave up on LABOUM, I would regret it. I should probably just do this job because I couldn’t believe it.

More info about LABOUM

Zafira🍯 sZafira🍯 [email protected]
Our Lab has arrived.
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LABOUM is a four-piece band now signed with Interpark Music Plus. Their name is derived from a French expression which means “The party”. The debut of the group in 2014 took place when it consisted of only six girls. Yujeong left the group in 2021, while Yulhee left in 2017. The group enjoyed a comeback when their song Journey to Atlantis was used prominently in “Hangout With Yoo” in March of the same year. So far, they have released six single albums, 17 singles, three extended plays, two studio albums and two studio albums.

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