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Gina Vitori, Andrew Spach and other actors star in Lifetime drama In Love With My Partner’s Wife.

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In Love With My Partner’s Wife, a lifelong thriller, will debut on the network on Saturday, August 13, 2022. Two detectives are the subject of a riveting drama that explores how their lives are changed when one learns that the another abused his wife. The official synopsis for the film is as follows:

When Paul Ford, a detective, learns that his partner, Frank, is abusing his wife Eve, he steps in to save her, but a furious Frank accuses him of homicide. The two find themselves on the run in a passionate love affair as Paul is on the run from his fellow officers and Eve is on the run from her husband.

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Gina Vitori and Andrew Spach are among the prominent actors who appear in the film. Either way, read on to learn more about the In Love With My Partner’s Wife cast.

In Love With My Partner’s Wife, a new thriller drama on Lifetime, stars Gina Vitori and other high-profile actors in key roles

1) Like Eve Miller, Gina Vitori

In the movie In Love With My Partner’s Wife, Eve is played by actress Gina Vitori. Detective Frank’s wife’s name is Eve. Vitori has made numerous film and TV appearances including 9-1-1, The Affair, Doctor Death and many more. In Lifetime’s next film, the incredibly gifted actress will play a pivotal role, and audiences can expect a moving performance from her.

2) Paul Ford, played by Andrew Spach

Stephen Spach (Image via IMDb)
Stephane Spach
Paul Ford, played by Andrew Spach, learns that his partner is abusing his wife. Spach’s portrayal as Tanner on ABC’s classic soap General Hospital is arguably what makes him best known.

In addition, he has made numerous film and TV appearances, including in Paper Birds, An Organized Killer, and Angels of Mercy, to name a few. It will be interesting to see how Ford performs as the main character in In Love With My Partner’s Wife.

3.Frank Miller is played by Jonathan Stoddard

Detective Paul Ford’s partner, Frank Miller, is portrayed onscreen by actor Jonathan Stoddard. Stoddard appears to be playing a gray character, according to Lifetime’s official summary of the film. After Paul learns Detective Frank Miller abused his wife, Frank sets Paul up for murder.

This actor is talented and viewers can expect a compelling performance from him. For his roles in Somewhere in Montana, Furry Little Christmas and Black Monday, Stoddard is well known.

In addition to the aforementioned celebrities, the film also features a number of other actors in prominent supporting roles, such as:

Like Andrea Billings, Isabella Oliveira

Captain Anderson is played by Nicole Pulliam.

Like Callaghan, Corbin Timbrook

Like Brian, Robert Miller

Paula Rahn wrote the screenplay and Lindsay Hartley is in charge of directing it. Viewers can anticipate an intriguing narrative with deep conceptual nuances and interesting individuals solving their many challenges. Watch this movie if you enjoy Lifetime movies like Fit to Kill and Lies Beneath the Surface.

The lifetime broadcast of In Love With My Partner’s Wife will begin on August 13, 2022.

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