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Who is Faye Yager from Children of the Underground? New FX Documentaries Expose Child Sexual Abuse

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Faye Yager, a mother, has dedicated her life to developing an underground community of women who fight to protect their children from the horrific crimes of sexual assault.

She was powerless to stop her young daughter’s father from sexually abusing her. But Faye’s work catapulted pedophilia into the national spotlight and is believed to have helped stop many girls from getting hurt.

Children of the Underground, a documentary, examines the struggles and issues faced by American women advocating for children’s rights. When The Children of the Underground arrives on August 12, it will show exactly what happened to mothers who had no choice but to flee for the safety of their loved ones.

Who is Faye Yager from Children of the Underground?

Faye Yager, 44, was the driving force behind an underground network that protected thousands of abused children from the justice system, which frequently returned them to their abusers. The court’s decision to return her daughter to her abusive father is said to have inspired Faye to create such an underground society.

In a vintage image from Children of the Underground, Faye Yager

When the court chose not to take away custody of the children from the abusive father, Faye established a network of mother and child shelters. In order to prevent what happened to her and her daughter from happening to anyone else, she gave the network the name Children of the Underground.

To help mothers and their children escape men who hurt them, Faye started an Underground Railroad. According to the documentary, Yager advocated for non-custodial parents to abduct their children in order to save them and help families break up in order to establish new identities.

Today, where is Faye Yager?

Yager was charged with emotional abuse and kidnapping the children she was supposed to help, and she was on trial in a suburb of Marietta, Georgia. She resides somewhere, though that is unknown at this time.

Ms. Yager, the daughter of a West Virginia coal miner, is now married to an Atlanta doctor. Although neither side anticipates that the maximum sentence would be applied if convicted, she is currently on trial and could face a sentence of up to 60 years in prison.

In the documentary Children of Underground, Yager is portrayed as a crusader and her organization is seen as the result of a criminal justice system that failed children in these cases because allegations of sexual abuse were brought to court. family court, which was not equipped to deal with such serious criminal charges.

Faye Yager’s husband and daughter

Faye grew up in a small town in West Virginia, married Roger Jones when she was 17, and gave birth to a daughter named Michelle. According to Faye, her ex-husband assaulted Michelle, and after accusing him, she was put on trial and ultimately lost custody of her daughter.

Currently married to Atlanta physician Howard Yager, Faye resides with him. However, his residence is not specified in any public document. However, since her trial is in a Georgian court, we can assume that she is Georgian in some way.

After breaking up with Roger, Faye married Durham as her second husband. She later made the decision to divorce Durham because her past had always been used against her.

Sources say Faye’s daughter resides in Atlanta, where she frequents body shops and socializes with construction and mechanical workers.

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