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What happened to Edgar Hansen, is he still in the northwest? Here’s what we know

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Following his appearance in The Deadliest Catch, Edgar Hansen gained notoriety. He was the office manager aboard F/V Northwestern and had previously served as relief captain.

He started out as a cook at Northwestern, but quickly rose through the ranks to a deck position. He eventually managed to make a name for himself on board and was promoted to chief engineer and deck master.

Along with looking like his older brother, Sig Hasen, he also had a more relaxed vibe that appealed to viewers.

He was pleasant, which is perhaps the most crucial quality for anyone in a senior position on a fishing boat, and he was a great fisherman.

He also contributed significantly to the show as a respected member of the “Deadliest Catch” family, quickly earning the love and admiration of the audience.

Edgar Hansen, is he still working for Northwestern?

Following the alleged harassment, angler Edgar Hansen was immediately fired from the main cast of “Deadliest Catch”.

Edgar hasn’t completely abandoned his family or F/V Northwestern, as revealed by DISTRACTIFY. Although the fisherman is not an official cast member, many have noticed him working behind the scenes.

In a 2018 Instagram video posted by his niece Mandy, the entire crew could be seen engaging in the kick-off tradition of biting the head off a fish.

And Edgar also appeared in the video, prompting a follower to openly ask, “So Edgar is on the boat. He did not appear in the first episode.

Some ‘Deadliest Catch’ viewers claim to have seen the former skipper bulging in recent episodes, helping aboard the illustrious boat when needed.

Edgar Hansen had a lot of promise when he first started appearing on ‘Deadliest Catch’, but bad decisions ultimately kept him from reaching his full potential.

In 2022, what is Edgar Hansen doing at the moment?

Following legal disputes, Edgar Hansen chooses to keep a low profile. He was charged with fourth degree sexual assault.

Edgar doesn’t use social media, so in 2022 it will be difficult to learn anything about him.

In the comments on his niece Mandy’s Instagram photos, Edgar’s fans are asking about his return to the show and his current situation.

However, Sig is okay with his daughter taking over the family business and isn’t worried about Edgar returning to Deadliest Catch.

In Deadly Catch, what happened to Edgar Hansen?

Edgar Hansen admitted to physically assaulting a 16-year-old girl in July 2018. He reportedly agreed to a plea bargain in which he was sentenced to 364 days in prison with credit for time already served.

The reality fisherman was ordered to pay $1,653 in fines and court costs, according to GIZMO STORY. In addition, a sexual deviance evaluation was requested for him.

He immediately apologized for his conduct at the time and revealed he had started therapy to ensure nothing like the incident happened again.

According to a Snohomish County District Court filing, the unidentified victim told her therapist that Hansen touched her indecently on September 30 at a residence in Mountlake Terrace, Washington.

Hansen admits to inappropriately kissing and groping the victim in a statement requested by the judge.

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