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Newsmax’s Grant Stinchfield is still working in 2022 – Here’s what happened to him

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Edward Jacob
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Grant Stinchfield is an American journalist, reporter, businessman, and host of Newsmax. His show time was recently moved forward to make room for Greta Van Susteren, and he doesn’t seem too happy about it.

The American journalist has worked for NRA TV, NBC, KECI TV and other companies in the past.

He is now making headlines because he repeatedly yelled at a veteran for criticizing Donald Trump in a mild manner while speaking about the status of many Americans in Afghanistan on Newsmax.

He continued to work as a journalist hosting “The Stinchfield Report” on KLIF-AM. He worked as a host for NRA TV at the end of that year. Moreover, he was not going to work in his own company until 2021.

He had started his own business and written for a newspaper in recent months, which was a good thing.

In 2022, Grant Stinchfield will still be working on Newsmax. What happened with him?

Fans worried about what might have happened to Grant Stinchfield when they didn’t see him at his usual times. The truth is that he still works for Newsmax, but there seem to be some issues, which we’ll talk about.

Grant Stinchfield, who was a host on Newsmax, has been taken off the air, and no one knows what the channel has planned for the often unpredictable host.

The difficulty with the ratings Fox News wants to change the show from the beginning of the month so that Greta Van Susteren can participate. The longtime Fox News anchor received the 6 p.m. ET timeslot. Since losing his primetime show on NRATV, Stinchfield hasn’t appeared on any Newsmax shows.

When the Greta-based changes were made, the network said Stinchfield would soon move to weekends. But since his farewell show on June 12 and the last broadcast of his show the following evening, there has been no news.

Since Grant was essentially demoted by Newsmax officials, his plans for the future are unclear. Newsmax still gives him a regular show, and the network doesn’t want him to go away altogether.

Amy Vanderhoef was Grant Stinchfield’s wife and they got married

Grant Stinchfield is married to his longtime girlfriend, Amy Vanderhoef. His ex-wife works as a radio and television presenter.

The couple married in a small ceremony to which only close family members and trusted servants were invited. Wyatt, their first and only child, was a gift from God.

There isn’t much information about their family life on the internet right now, which is sad.

Photos of his wife and family are easy to find on the Internet. His son Wyatt says in his Instagram bio that he is a gamer.

What is Grant Stinchfield’s name? Wikipedia: The journalist’s biography

According to his Wikipedia page, Grant Stinchfield was born in 1973 and is 49 years old.

In 1982 Grant Stinchfield completed primary school. He also holds a master’s degree in journalism from Quinnipiac University, which he earned in 2001.

Grant Stinchfield’s business and journalism careers got off to a smooth start on KECI TV in 1995. Later, he began reporting regularly for the NBC news channel.

How much money does journalist Grant Stinchfield have?

As a host and correspondent for several news outlets, Grant Stinchfield has amassed a large net worth.

People say he has 2 million dollars. He also runs many different businesses and earns money by attending events. He is also seen with famous people like Donald Trump and is photographed with them.

Since his son posts videos of him playing video games and talking about his life on Instagram, Grant’s wealth may also depend on how his son lives. Grant got all his money from his successful job as a journalist.

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