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Why was Darren Watkins Jr arrested? Is IshowSpeed ​​in jail? Overwrite fees

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Edward Jacob
Edward Jacob
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Darren Watkins Jr. is a well-known rapper and YouTuber who goes by the name IshowSpeed ​​online. He is known for his live broadcasts.

He started posting videos on YouTube in 2016 and his channel now has over 10 million subscribers. Her fine workmanship and beauty have won her praise from people all over the world.

Watkins used to create NBA 2K tutorials and gameplay videos for his YouTube channel, which people loved to watch. His reaction videos to Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have recently gone viral on TikTok and other social media sites.

Mugshots: Darren Watkins Jr. is arrested for making fake phone calls

A YouTube channel called FaniTizer recently uploaded a video of the arrest of rapper Darren Watkins Jr. He is charged with Live Swatting because several police officers showed up and handcuffed him until the stream was cut. .

Cincinnati police reportedly detained him after he made a fake 911 call on Livestream.

IShowSpeed ​​was handcuffed and his live stream cut off when he ran over someone during his broadcast. Since the news broke, his fans have been taking to Twitter to demand he be released, and the #freespeed hashtag is trending.

Is Darren Watkins Jr., also known as IshowSpeed, in jail?

From the leaked YouTube video, it appears that Darren Watkins Jr. is being arrested by police officers.

The video of his arrest is going viral on the internet right now. A video of him pranking the police on the phone was the main reason for his incarceration.

The person who made the video hasn’t changed Instagram for three days. So, internet rumors say he is being held in jail and charged for what he did.

A few months ago there were rumors that he had been arrested, but at the time there was no evidence to back up the rumours.

Based on the video that has surfaced on the internet, he should be with the Cincinnati Police Department right now. But none of those involved said the news was true.

Most of his followers still don’t know if it’s true or if he did it just to poke fun at them.

What does it mean that Darren Watkins Jr. is accused of hitting?

Darren Watkins Jr. could be charged with running over because he recently tried to trick a rescue service.

Stating is calling the police or fire department to report serious crimes under false pretences.

It is related to the act of “doxing”, which is when a person’s address and other personal information is collected and shared for the purpose of harassing or putting them in danger, often on the Internet.

It poses a high risk of violence and could put the city or county in trouble if something goes wrong and they have to use tax money to deal with a false declaration of a major enforcement emergency. of the law.

This is due to things like a false report of a serious emergency to law enforcement, such as a bomb threat, murder, false mental health emergency, or hostage taking.

Crush criminals can use many different methods, such as number modification on caller ID, social engineering, TTY, prank calls, and phone phreaking.

In many places it is a crime to lie to first aiders, and people who do so are often fined or jailed.

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