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Who is Sean Whalen, owner of Lions Not Sheep? Net worth and career earnings

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The Lions Not Sheep clothing line is owned by Sean Whalen, a well-known American businessman. He’s a speaker, podcaster, and business coach, and he still has the mind of a businessman.

The businessman is now causing a stir because he lied saying a garment he imported was made in the United States. The Federal Trade Commission is taking action against Lions Not Sheep Products and its owner Sean Whalen over allegations that the company placed fake “Made in USA” labels on clothing and accessories from China and other countries. country.

Let us review the life story of Sean Whalen, a talked about businessman.

Who is Sean Whalen, owner of Lions Not Sheep?

Sean Whalen is a very successful businessman whose clothing brand, Lions Not Sheep, is well known. Sean is also the founder and CEO of professional networking app Meetrz, which allows you to immediately set up face-to-face meetings, wherever you are.

Sean has been a podcaster, influencer and bestselling business book author for over 22 years. He is also the founder and president of Lion’s Den, a well-known coaching group for business owners and entrepreneurs. Sean says his main goal for the success of his business is to have social influencers do 90% of the marketing and rollout and support the brand.

In addition, he made the documentary “Lions Not Sheep”, which shows how the masculine ideal hurts people. Likewise, he is well known for TV shows like Special Unit 2, Lost: Missing Pieces, The Amazing Live Sea, and The Suite Life of Zack & Coy, among others.

People are talking about the business tycoon right now because of his fake business dealings. He put labels that say “Made in USA” on clothes that come from China. In a July 28, 2022 press release, it was said that he was told to “come clean” about his business and pay $211,335 to the Federal Trades Commission (FTC) for making false claims according to which the garments it imports are made in the United States. .

Sean Whalen is worth a lot of money

Sean’s net worth is in the millions as he is a businessman, author, influencer and podcaster. His exact net worth is still a secret, but we can guess based on what he does for a living.

Its business app, Meetrz, which helps entrepreneurs and business travelers connect with local users who want to meet in person, saw 5,000 downloads in the first 48 hours after it went live. The app is available on Android and iOS, and thousands of people are downloading it right now. The app is likely bringing in a seven-figure amount of money.

Additionally, Sean’s book How to Make Stuff Happen is $2.99 ​​on Amazon and $5.59 for the paperback version. Since his book sold 425,000 copies after its release in 2019, making him a bestselling author, he must have made a lot of money as a writer.

When Sean’s other businesses like Lions Not Sheep and Lion’s Den are taken into account, he makes a lot of money. He also earns money by making television appearances, investing and broadcasting podcasts. As we said before, Sean’s total earnings across all platforms add up to a net worth of millions.

Sean Whalen has a wife

Whalen was married once, but it didn’t work out. After posting on Facebook his divorce from Summer Williams, his first wife, he got a lot of attention on social media.

Whalen was angry, but he’s grown since then. His latest project is The Sean and Sax Show, a podcast he hosts with his wife, Saxony Whalen. Sean and Saxony tied the knot on March 3, 2021, a week after their podcast, The Sean & Sax Show, debuted on February 21, 2021.

Sean was 40 when he married Saxony, and he already had three children from a previous marriage that didn’t work out. On the other hand, Saxony had been a single mom for about six years before she met Sean. She had two sons from a previous relationship.

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