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Where is Fred Fulford today? Contractor Arrested for Al Adamson Murder – Is He Still in Jail?

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In 1995, director Al Adamson was killed and his body was in horrific condition when found. It was placed under the floor of the room. After Al’s body was found, Fred Fulford was charged with murder.

Al was one of the best known directors. He was known for making exploitation films and B-grade horrors. Adamson’s first job was in film when he was still young.

He started making movies in the 1960s and starred in 33 of them. Some of them are movies that have become cult classics, like Dracula vs. Frankenstein and Psycho A-Go-Go. He used his wife, actress and singer Regina Carol, in several of his films.

Adamson quit making movies in the early 1980s to start a real estate business. Adamson was killed in 1995 by a laborer who lived on his property and worked for him. His death and trial subsequently garnered much attention, and he was the subject of numerous true-crime TV movies.

How is Fred Fulford now? Is he still locked up?

After a six-week trial, Fred Fulford was found guilty of murder in less than two hours. In November 1999, a judge made this decision, and in March 2000, he was sentenced to 25 years to life.

Currently, he is in jail at the California Health Care Facility in Stockton. He is 72 years old.

Even though he was eligible for parole in early 2016, the board denied him for three years, and on June 3, 2021, the same thing happened again. Thus, Fred will have to go to a parole hearing in June 2024.

During cross-examination, Fred admitted to cheating, lying, and taking advantage of Al’s money and trust, but he always denied killing him. Fred, on the other hand, insisted he was framed because there was so much evidence against him.

Al Adamson murder blamed on entrepreneur Fred Fulford

After the discovery of Al Adamson’s corpse, Fred Fulford was immediately arrested for murder.

Al disappeared without warning and Adamson’s brother called the police on July 26 to report a missing person. But he had been there the whole time, dead and buried under the floor of his house.

It’s a fun-as-hell documentary about a director of exploitation and B-movie horror that turns into a crazed Forensic Files murder mystery.

Police dug up the floor in one of the rooms where the hot tub was to find the creepy thing.

Investigators say the hot tub was swept away and the body was buried deep underground and covered in concrete and dirt. Just recently, tiles were laid on the ground above the tomb.

What prompted Fred Fulford to shoot and kill Al Adamson?

Fred Fulford killed Al Adamson because he spent more money he was supposed to share than he should have.

Adamson hired Fred Fulford months ago to finish rebuilding his two-story house in the middle of an orange grove. The plan was for them to work together, with Fulford doing the repairs and Al agreeing to split the profits when the house was sold.

As an in-house contractor, he began to take advantage of the opportunity and overspend the director’s money. During a heated argument, Fulford reportedly punched Adamson in the head and threw him to the ground.

During questioning, Fred said he didn’t know Al was dead and believed the famous person was on vacation.

His actions, however, show that he is not innocent. In the weeks following Al’s disappearance, he forged his signature on checks and other official documents and moved to Florida. He also sent her Al’s cars and sold them.

After Fred Fulford was sentenced to life, justice has been served for Al Adamson’s family

Al Adamson’s brother called the police to report that Al was missing. After the police raided their home, Fred was arrested.

One of Al’s brothers went to see him, but when he saw that Al wasn’t there, he left.

At first he wasn’t worried, but when he didn’t hear from him for five weeks, he told the police on July 26. Then it turned out that no one had spoken to the manager.

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