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The Simpsons character that scared young fans a lot

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Reddit user you/sketch3247 went to the Simpsons fan subreddit to discuss how Ms. Botz (full name Lucille Botzkowski, voiced by Penny Marshall) terrified them when they were younger. The character debuted in the season 1 finale titled “Enchanted Evening” In this episode, Marge and Homer Simpson (Julie Kavner and Dan Castellaneta) hire Ms. Botz to babysit their kids, not realizing that Lucille is none other than a notorious babysitter gangster known for stealing houses. their values. “There was nothing funny or likable about her at all, she was supposed to be the most truly menacing villain on the show,” they wrote. you / Philkindred12. In this episode, Ms. Botz tries to capture Lisa and Bart after they find out her identity. User u/BACK2CYWG said they last saw the episode when they were 12 and are too afraid to watch it again.

u/BlueberryFields87 also detailed their relationship to the episode, saying “I was probably 6 or 7 years old when I saw this and it scared me more than their Halloween specials.” Meanwhile, u/JFKRFKSRVLBJ suggested that the episode shocked many because “the entire first season has a rather dark atmosphere and disturbing animation style.”

“Enchanted Evening” was actually the series’ first animated episode, but after several animation-related production issues, the episode was shelved (via AV club). This spooky episode of The Simpsons was later reanimated, though it still stands out thanks to its visual quirks and terrifying villain.

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