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Pregnant model Kayla Itsines shows off her baby bump – Update on her new boyfriend Jae Woodroffe

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Kayla, a model, and her boyfriend Jae are in the news right now because they are getting married and because Kayla is expecting her second child in January 2023.

Kayla Itsines was born in Australia on May 21, 1991. She is a Greek-born personal trainer, author and businesswoman. She wrote the Bikini Body Guides series of fitness e-books and the app for meal planning and working out.

The most money she made in 2016 came from her fitness app, “Sweat with Kayla.” In March 2016, Time named Itsines one of the 30 most influential people online and praised the way she used social media to grow her business.

Itsines says she got into fitness because she loves sports, especially basketball. She recalled the gym scaring her at first, but a fitness trainer told her to “start somewhere.”

Pregnant Kayla Itsines shows off her baby bump

Kayla Itsines, model and fitness influencer, is currently pregnant with her second child, who will be born in early January 2023. She seemed grateful, happy and excited to start her next chapter with Jae, Arna and the baby-to-be.

Kayla has more good news for her fans and followers around the world, just a week after announcing that she was getting married to her longtime boyfriend, Jae Woodroffe. Kayla told her boyfriend Jae and the rest of the world on Instagram that she was having her second child.

Although she has had great success as a fitness trainer and trainer, she thinks being a mother to Arna, who is now 3, is her biggest accomplishment.

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The model said she felt bad for keeping her feelings to herself while carrying her first child. But this time, she feels good and very different.

She’s already recorded many parts of her journey so far and is excited to share them with everyone, along with her regular coaching content.

After getting divorced, Kayla Itsines met her new boyfriend, Jae Woodroffe.

Kayla Itsines, who works in the fitness field, is engaged to Jae Woodroffe, whom she has been dating for a year.
After Jae asked her to marry him, a series of photos showed her diamond ring. The public discovered their relationship in January.
On July 19, they wrote on Instagram that they were getting married. Woodroffe is soon to be a dad and he also works as a personal trainer in Adelaide.

Both live in Adelaide and met as friends before the Australian health coach fell in love with her. Family is very important to Kayla and her partner. The health coach has repeatedly said she wants a big family.

Jae is on Instagram as @jaewoodroffe. She has over 29,200 subscribers and has published 70 posts. People often see photos of him with his girlfriend that he posts online.

His Instagram page is full of photos of Kayla, the woman he is going to marry. He seems to be very happy with his girlfriend, and they are both looking forward to having a child together.

Kayla Itsines was with Tobi Pearce

Tobi Pearce and Kayla Itsiness were engaged and dated for eight years in their hometown of Adelaide, South Australia, where they both grew up.

They had worked together for a while and knew they could count on each other. The first child Kayla and Tobi had together was born in 2019. But when they had children, things started to go wrong in their relationship.

In 2020, the couple made official announcements on Instagram, but they didn’t say why they broke up. In 2012, the co-founders of Sweat first met at a gym in Adelaide.

Later, Kayla and her ex-boyfriend Tobia worked together to create the Bikini Body Guide workout program, which helped them get their SWEAT app off the ground. After six years, the fitness instructor announced to her clients in April 2018 that she was pregnant. They got engaged shortly after.

In October 2016, Itsines and his ex-partner Tobi Pearce were both on the BRW “Young Rich” list of the richest Australians under 40 who have not received their money from an inheritance. In 2016, they were estimated to be worth $46 million.

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