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Orlando Brown Net Worth (Updated 2022) – Biography Review.com

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Orlando Brown Net Worth: Orland Brown is an American actor, rapper, singer, voice actor, and director from Los Angeles, California. $20,000 as of 2022.. He came into the spotlight through his appearance in numerous popular projects in the late 90s and early 2000s.

Orlando rose to fame after playing the role of Eddie Thomas in the Disney comedy series about the supernatural. It’s so predatory. Since then, he has attracted the attention of many popular directors and began acting in major projects.

Brown received further recognition for his roles in films such as Family Matters, Two of a Kind, It’s So Raven, Fillmore!, Eddie’s Million Dollar Cooking, as well as Major Payne.

His outstanding performance on the teen sitcom That’s the Raven led to him winning a Young Artist Award for his portrayal of Eddie Thomas.

In addition to his success in the entertainment industry, he has faced a number of challenges, including addiction issues. Orlando has also made a name for himself in music and has been able to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the music world such as Sean Kingston, Pimp C, Akon and T-Pain.

What is Orlando Brown Net Worth?

Name Orlando Brown
net worth 20 thousand dollars
Age 34 years
Date of Birth December 4, 1987
Annual salary $10,000
Profession Actor, Rapper
Floor Male
Zodiac sign Sagittarius

Early years:

Orlando Brown was born December 4, 1987 and raised in Los Angeles, California to African American parents John and Margaretta Brown.

As a child, he developed an interest in acting and his parents quickly discovered his passion and began putting him in various productions to play roles. Orlando Brown was in elementary school when he got the chance to start his acting career.

Actor career:

In 1995, Orlando made his film debut in a military comedy. Major Payne in which he played a minor role as cadet Kevin “Tiger” Dunn. Around this time, he was only eight years old.

He then went on to voice various characters in animated films such as Waynehead, as well as tangerine bear, and then voiced the character Evan Thomas Taylor in the animated series for children Clifford’s Puppy Days from 2003 to 2004.

In 1996, Orlando received early recognition after starring in a television series. family circumstance in which he got the role of 3J Winslow. Two years later, he co-starred with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in the film “Double”.

Orlando made a name for himself in the entertainment industry after landing roles in several Disney films Max Keeble’s Big Move (2001), It’s So Raven (2003-07) and Eddie’s Million Dollar Movie Called (Bloody hands)” in 2003.

Orlando went on to play roles in many episodes of television series, including Safe Harbor (1999), Moesha (1996–2000), Proud Family (2001–2005), The End (2011), Hell’s Kitchen (2011), and as stated in Girl with the Word (2007). In 2007, Orlando Brown decided to leave Disney and start his own music career.

Musical career:

In 2006, Orlando Brown released his debut studio album. Trade everything in which he gained fame in music. After such a long break, his second studio album F**k My Fame (Radio) was released in 2016. He started making more music like No Fear, Piccasos Nightmare etc.

In addition, he sang many songs while appearing on Disney Channel shows with Disney Channel Circle Of Stars. Some of the popular Orlando songs he sang include “It’s So Raven” titled Will it go round in circles, in circles of life, little by little as well as A dream is the desire of your heart.

In addition, his other singles have also been featured on several title tracks for series such as DisneyRemixMania, Disneymania 2, Disneymania 4, Radio Disney Jingle Jams, as well as Disneymania princess.

Personal life:

Orlando Brown began his relationship with Danielle Brown, the couple later married and had their first child, a son named Frankie. He then started dating Omenia Alexander, but the couple broke up in 2016.

Legal Issues:

Then, in early 2016, Orlando found himself behind bars after being arrested on charges of domestic violence, drug possession and obstructing a judge after an argument with his ex-wife in a crowd.

Later, in the parking lot of the police station, he ran over his ex-girlfriend. During this incident, he was captured by an officer while holding a stimulant and methamphetamine.

That same year, officers in Las Vegas arrested Orlando as he was leaving a restaurant infamous for prostitution and the use and sale of illegal drugs. He was charged with possession of drugs, carrying drug paraphernalia, and refusing to arrest.

After breaking into a hotel in Las Vegas and trying to change the locks, Orlando was taken into police custody. He recovered after the intervention of comrades and family.

After spending only a week there. Shortly after his release, he was caught walking down the road in nothing but his boxer shorts, holding a case of wine.

Orlando Brown Net Worth:

As of 2022, Orlando Brown’s net worth is around $20k. He earned most of his income from acting in films and shows in the late 1990s. Around this time, Orlando’s salary ranged from $2,000 to $5,000 for his roles.

The actor has managed to gain a lot of fame and fortune through his appearances in movies, TV shows as well as some other ventures. A huge amount of his income also comes from music, such as album sales and soundtrack collaborations.

His acting career has been hit hard by mental health issues, drug use, and a number of other troubles. In September 2020, he entered rehab and has since beaten all of his addictions.

Orlando Brown is well known for his amazing performances in various shows such as Proud family, it’s so raven as well as Family values. Along with this, Orlando has also made guest appearances on some popular shows such as Dr. Phil, The View Kitchen, as well as Hell’s Kitchen.

Brown has done some commercial work for big names like Tang/Honeycomb and Disney Channel.

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