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A Russian woman and her Pakistani boyfriend got married.

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A Pakistani and a Russian got married and now live together.

Polina, the wife, reportedly embraced Pakistani culture so she could be with Muhammad Ali.

After meeting on an online forum, they talked a lot.

Muhammad went to Russia to meet Polina in person.

Some of the things they enjoyed doing together were traveling, learning about other cultures, and trying new foods.

Polina wanted to marry Muhammad, but not for any ancient reason. He said,

We talked to each other in a community on a social media app. When we met in person, she liked the way I treated women and decided to marry me.

Muhammad then said that Polina did not believe in God before marrying him. In the end, she became a Muslim.

She also didn’t like the way people there ate pork and drank alcohol, and she became a Muslim even though she didn’t believe in any other religion, he said.

Thus, she had no trouble getting used to living in Pakistan.

After Polina went to Pakistan to marry Muhammad, a traditional wedding took place in this country.

After hearing about the mixed-race marriage, many of Polina’s neighbors came to her house to meet her.

She says Polina’s in-laws welcomed her into the family.

Polina not only moved to Pakistan, but also learned the basics of Urdu. When it comes to cooking, she is also good at making roti and parathas.

The Russian woman said she loves Pakistan in general, but it bothers her to see litter on the streets.

She said, “I like some things, but I don’t like other things.”

Polina didn’t know that it was common to have a lot of people.

But she couldn’t help but marvel at the northern regions of Pakistan. Polina says she loves the area because of its beautiful landscapes.

A 24-year-old Pakistani man married a 65-year-old Vietnamese woman he met online. This is a situation similar to the one above.

Even though he liked her, Nguyen Hoa turned down Aziz ur Rehman’s love, mainly because they were so different in age.

Even though his neighbors thought he was not being honest, Aziz went to Vietnam to meet her.

Then, Aziz made the choice to stay in Vietnam.

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