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Why is Andy Serkis planning to direct and produce a television series about a famous French wax model?

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Madame Tussaud: Why is Andy Serkis planning to direct and produce a television series about a famous French wax model?

A piece about Madame Tussaud, also known as Marie, the French wax modeler who created the famous wax museum, Madame Tussauds, is being co-developed by actor Andy Serkis.

According to reports, Madam! will dive into the little-known stories of the famous artist whose wax sculptures are truly unique. The TV show will focus on the period of the French Revolution and how Marie Tussaud immigrated to England before opening her famous wax museum in London in 1835.

Study Madame Tussaud and its incredible museum

On December 1, 1761, Marie Grosholtz, later known as Marie Tussaud, was born in France. She spent the majority of her early years in Bern before moving to Paris and studying wax modeling with Philippe Curtius, who taught her this subtle yet fascinating craft.

Before the French Revolution gained momentum, Tussaud taught art to Madame Élisabeth, sister of Louis XVI, at Versailles from 1780 to 1789.

In 1795, she married the engineer François Tussaud. Although they had two boys together, their marriage was short-lived. Later, in 1802, she traveled to England with her boys and her wax statue models to exhibit her collection of portraits.

Marie Tussaud spent 33 years touring Britain before opening her first permanent exhibition on Baker Street, on the top floor of the “Baker Street Bazaar,” in 1835, according to Britannica. But in 1884, several years after Marie Tussaud’s disappearance, the wax museum moved to Marylebone Road in London.

Madame Tussauds Museum Information

The incredible wax museum features wax sculptures of well-known and infamous celebrities and public leaders. Additionally, it contains artifacts of infamous murders that are split in the Chamber of Horrors. But in 2016, this section of the wax museum was permanently closed.

Waxwork figures of everyone can be seen at Madame Tussaud’s, from Adele to Abraham Lincoln! There are successfully more than 190 realistic statues there. Madame Tussauds features wax figures of many famous people, including Alfred Hitchcock, Queen Elizabeth II, Bob Dylan, Princess Diana, David Beckham, Dwayne Johnson, Elvis Presley, Ed Sheeran and countless others. Statues of Benjamin Franklin, Horatio Nelson, Voltaire and Sir Walter Scott, among the oldest, have all been preserved.

Check out Marie Tussaud’s upcoming production with Andy Serkis

In a statement, Andy Serkis reportedly said the drama they produced would be “hilarious and ridiculous,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. He went on to say:

This is not a traditional period piece; rather, it’s a wonderfully extravagant, unrestrained, anarchic punk escapade created by the daughter of a fabulously post-truth executioner.

Serkis added:

Marie is very clear on one thing: if you are going to tell your own life story, make it interesting, even if you have to make things up, and omit the uninteresting details.

For the series, Andy Serkis’ Imaginarium Productions and Newen Connect, the distribution division of Newen Studios of the TF1 group, have joined forces.

The initiative will focus on how a “visionary heroine” defied 18th century expectations, according to Rodolphe Buet, CEO of Newen Connect. The biographical series focuses on the,

‘[Marie Tussaud’s] path as a strong, independent woman trying to create an empire.

A release date for the series has yet to be determined, but Jonathan Cavendish and Marie Guillaumond will produce it.

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