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Was the 70-year-old former Asian city commissioner attacked in a hate crime?

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Derrick Yearby was arrested by San Francisco police on Sunday in connection with the assault and violence against a 70-year-old former city commissioner. They added that they had investigated whether the victim had been identified as Asian.

Asked about the incident, Chew recalled that nothing was stolen from him after he was knocked unconscious and that he didn’t have enough time to protect himself with the pepper spray he had in his pocket.

Chew said he was unaware of what happened during the interaction in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle on Saturday.

He only remembers collapsing on the sidewalk, getting help from onlookers, and then being taken to California Pacific Medical Center on Van Ness Avenue once the cops arrived.

Greg Chew was attacked by Derrick Yearby, who was arrested

Greg Chew, a longtime San Francisco resident and former member of several local commissions, reported being attacked on August 2 at around 7:38 p.m. near his home in the South Market neighborhood at Folsom Street and 3rd Street.

Six days after the incident on Sunday, the San Francisco Police Department said 34-year-old city resident Derrick Yearby had been apprehended and identified as the attacker.

Chew reportedly suffered bruises, a badly swollen eye and a broken left shoulder as a result of the attack.

SFPD public relations officer Kathryn Winters acknowledged Yearby’s photos and videos that were used to help searchers find him.

What charges have been brought against Derrick Yearby?

Yearby, who was charged with aggravated assault causing grievous bodily harm, assault aggravating substantial bodily harm, elder abuse and assault with great force likely to cause substantial bodily harm, said was taken to the San Francisco County Jail and housed there, according to Foxnews.

Regarding the attack on the former commissioner of San Francisco, Derrick Yearby is accused. San Francisco police, arrested on Sunday in connection with the assault, said they are investigating whether the victim’s ethnicity and race played a role in the assault.

The police were called by a passerby.

I didn’t even know what happened, Chew told the newspaper. It’s a strange situation.

The San Francisco Police Department said in a news release that on August 2, officers at South Station responded to a report of a serious assault. The victim reported to authorities that she was assaulted and thrown to the ground by an unidentified suspect.

Asian Hate Crime by Derrick Yearby

According to CBS reporting, this unethical behavior was a hate crime against Asians.
“In San Francisco on Sunday afternoon, protesters blocked traffic and marched along busy Columbus Avenue shouting ‘stand up to Asian racism’ and ‘justice for our seniors.’

A hateful march against Asians

Recent anti-Asian hate marches have often remained in parks or on sidewalks. Even still, rally organizers said being polite, following the law and projecting an image of a “model minority” produced no results.

In order to make their demands heard, they change their strategy and become disruptive and hostile.

According to The San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Police Officer Kathryn Winters told a news conference Sunday that the event was being reviewed to determine if it was racially motivated.

Winters reportedly informed reporters that there were good photos and videos of the incident, according to KGO-TV. “In this case, the authorities were able to quickly identify and apprehend the attacker. So there are good police at work.

On the same day that Yearby was arrested, residents gathered in the streets to express concern over the recent spike in violent attacks on Asians and Asian Americans.

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