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veterinarian’s TikTok tip goes viral

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Edward Jacob
Edward Jacob
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FLORENCE, AL: In a popular TikTok video, Dr. Whitney Terrell listed the five dog breeds she would happily own and the five she would never own. The popular Goldendoodle or ‘oodle’ breeds were listed as vets’ least favorite in the film released on Sunday, August 7. The pet owner must dedicate time and resources to these breeds, she continued, so German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois should’t be brought home without a thorough training program in place. Her favorite dogs, such as basset hounds, mixed-breed puppies and golden retrievers, were also on the list.

According to the expert, any breed that is brachycephalic or has a shorter or “squished” nose, such as pugs, Boston terriers, French bulldogs or shih tzus, is discouraged. She advises getting a mongrel or mongrel dog as they are less likely to have underlying health issues and golden retrievers due to their calm temperaments, which make them great pets.

The TOP FIVE “least favorite” dog breeds, according to Dr. Terrell:

1. Mixes of Goldendoodles and Poodles

On May 15, 2020, in New York City, a white standard poodle poses for a photo amid the coronavirus pandemic. With over 4.6 million confirmed infections and over 308,000 deaths, COVID-19 has spread to the majority of countries around the world.

“While many of these dogs are crazy, hyperactive and unable to sit still for more than a few seconds, others are really adorable. We also have those who were very aggressive. They are a mixed breed and have issues with grooming and maintenance. extortionate ears. Too much maintenance for me, “Dr. Terrel replied

2. Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd

“The majority of dogs we see in the clinic want to bite you in the face because they are not properly trained, even though they have the potential to be excellent dogs, good police dogs and good in situations of rescue. I am aware that I would not have time to train them properly. Do not take any of these dogs lightly as they require extensive training and constant attention,” the doctor explained.

3. Short-snouted or brachycephalic dogs

At the American Kennel Club Reveals Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2016 at AKC Canine Retreat on March 21, 2017 in New York City, a French Bulldog, the sixth most popular breed of 2016, is displayed.

Pugs, Boston Terriers, Shih Tzus, French Bulldogs, and Pugs are some important breeds with short muzzles. “Some of them are incredibly sweet and sweet, but they can’t breathe. They snore, and I already have a snoring husband, so I don’t need him. Allergies, skin fold dermatitis, yeast, smelly and gassy – I say no,” the vet said.

4. Chihuahuas

On July 11, 2007, a chihuahua puppy poses at the Pucchin Dog’s store in Japan’s Akita prefecture. The back of the chihuahua was perfectly marked with a heart at birth. Emiko Sakurada, the store owner, has no intention of selling the puppy, which has been given the name

“Not to my liking. I’m afraid of tripping over them and if I have a dog it will probably bite me. They often only have one owner. Some of them are really nice, but the majority are ankle biters,” she explained.

5. Chinese Hairless and Crested Dogs

On August 26, 2018, in Leipzig, Germany, at the pet trade show Dog and Cat (Hund und Katze), a dog owner and her Chinese crested dog entered a competition. The weekend fair hosts exhibitors showcasing the latest products in pet food, toys and accessories, as well as beauty and talent contests that attract dog and cat lovers from all over the country.

“Dogs are fine. I’m not a fan of hairless creatures. They’re dirty and a bit greasy, just like cats. I have to say no” She spoke.

Dr. Terrell also listed his favorite pets, which were basset hounds, mixed-breed puppies and golden retrievers. The vet remarked, “Facts, sorry doodle owners, your dogs aren’t the best dogs!”

The TOP 5 “favorite” dog breeds according to Dr. Terrell are:

1. A breed of dog, like the Basset Hound

May 18, 2003, in Birmingham, Michigan, during the annual Great American Basset Waddle, a basset hound leans against an information display. The event, which aimed to raise funds to support abandoned basset hounds and help them find new homes, attracted more than 300 basset hounds.

“They stink, bark incredibly loudly and can have ear, back or weight issues. I love them even though they can be a bit grumpy at the vet at times. They are very adorable. The best dog there is is mine. He joins me every day at work,” Dr. Terrell said.

2. Stray/mixed/mutt animals

On January 27, 2015, in Old Bethpage, a border collie mix dog plays in the snow that has accumulated. a. New York. Winter storm Juno dumped between twelve and thirty inches of snow on Long Island from Tuesday morning to noon.

“I don’t have a photo of number two since he’s a pooch, and pooches can look like anything. They are wonderful canines. Unlike purebreds, they generally don’t have as many genetic or hereditary issues. They appreciate having a home. A pooch is highly recommended,” the doctor said.

3. A golden retriever

On February 22, 2016, in New York, a Golden Retriever attends the American Kennel Club Presents The Nation’s Most Popular Breeds Of 2015.

“Especially for families, this breed is a great first dog as they are beautiful and obedient. Good disposition, teachable and adored,” the doctor said.

4. German Shorthaired Pointer

On February 17, 2016, in New York, CJ, the German Shorthaired Pointer and Westminster Kennel Club winner visits the One World Observatory at One World Trade Center.

“They are beautiful, extremely active and happy dogs. Honestly, I don’t remember ever seeing one that wasn’t happy. While they are undoubtedly high energy, you don’t want to own them if you’re sedentary, don’t like adventure, or don’t enjoy taking them for daily walks. These dogs need exercise because they are athletic or they will destroy everything. I love them, they are wonderful dogs,” she said.

5.Great Pyrenees

On February 11, 2019, in New York, Connor the Great Pyrenees takes a bath before competing in the 143rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Piers 92/94.

“They are dog breeders. Many of them are not used to being indoors or among people because if they are really working they are out there with the goats, sheep and farm animals. I love them even though they might not be the best at the vet. I had quite a few. They have always been the best dogs, and so I love them,” the vet said.

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