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The Worst Thing Bode Did in Locke & Key Season 3

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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In the pivotal dramatic climax of Season 2 Episode 7 (“The Best Plans”), the Locke siblings find themselves in a sticky situation. Their attempts to defeat the season’s two main demonic villains – teenager Gabe (Griffin Glitch), also known as Dodge in female form, and his cunning, demon-infested partner Eden (Halleah Jones) – fail. As Tyler, Kinsey and Bode set up a trap for Dodge and Eden in the Key House, their plan doesn’t quite work as they hoped.

In the midst of the battle, Dodge/Gabe uses the Chain Key – a key that uses the Great Lock, originally used to undo a series of chains to chain an intruder – to lock Kinsey, and later Bode. Uncle Duncan (Aaron Ashmore) and romantic love interest Kinsey Scott (Petrice Jones) are also helpless.

Bode uses a newly discovered time travel key called the Timeshift Key in season 3 episode 3 to return to the same day that Gabe and Eden attacked the Locke siblings Uncle Duncan and Scott. Bode announces to everyone that he is from the future, explaining that Dodge did not win. Consequently, his intervention in the sequence of events at that moment altered the timeline, prompting Dodge to pursue him. As soon as the timer on Bode’s phone runs out, Dodge grabs his leg and is transported back to 2022.

In the present, Dodge uses the Ghost Key to switch bodies with Bode and tricks him into becoming a ghost. Dodge makes it impossible for Bode to return to the Key House to help his family and friends. Subsequently, Bode’s grave mistake with the Timeshift key causes great havoc for the Lockes on their mission to keep all the keys out of Gideon’s possession.

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