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The most disturbing moments in the first season of Black Bird

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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In Jimmy’s flashback, the memory works more like an emotional kick in the gut. He tells what happened after his parents broke up and his mom’s new boyfriend, Glen, moved in with them. A year later, Glen began to be physically abused, regularly beating Jimmy, his mother and brother. As a child, he couldn’t understand why she stayed with him until he figured out that his mom was expecting him to stand up to Glen and protect the family. He began to focus on his karate and jiu-jitsu classes so that he could handle himself in combat when the day came; after much training, he felt ready, but did not realize that he was not old enough to fit a grown man, even with martial arts training. Glen painted the kitchen with him – he broke his nose, got a concussion and broke several ribs.

At first, the viewer is not sure if all this really happened, or if Jimmy is just making up another story to get closer to Larry. The fight takes place behind the scenes. But when Larry tells him that the physical pain isn’t as bad as the emotional pain – that her mother loved her boyfriend more than her son – Jimmy’s eyes can’t lie. He gets up from the table and leaves. It was then that the aftermath of the beating is shown – a conversation between Jimmy and his mother. It’s a cold and brutal exchange of words that shows Larry was right. This scene may be the most poignant and emotionally devastating moment in the series.

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