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The Fatal Flaw on ABC: Canceled? season 2? – canceled + resumed TV shows

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Fatal Flaw TV Show on ABC: Canceled or Renewed for Season 2

Vulture watch

A TV vulture watches the TV show The Fatal Flaw on ABC.It’s all about the details. It has fatal flaw Has the TV show been canceled or renewed for a second season on ABC? TV Vulture keeps up with all the latest news about cancellations and renewals, so this page can track the status fatal flaw, second season. Bookmark it or subscribe to the latest updates. Remember, the TV vulture is watching your shows. You?

What is this TV show about?

On air on ABC fatal flaw The TV show explores deadly criminal acts from a unique perspective. Participants include legal analyst Ryan Smith, ABC News correspondent Elizabeth Vargas, and former prosecutor Matt Murphy. The series uses miniature crime scene dollhouses to show viewers chilling murders and tiny crime scene clues that helped investigators identify the killers. In each issue, first-hand accounts from authorities and journalists cover the disturbing events, describing the twists and turns of the investigation and the turning points that brought investigators and police to the killer’s doorstep. Episodes reveal the mistakes that prevented every killer from leaving.

Season 1 Ratings

First season fatal flaw an average rating of 0.27 for the 18–49 demographic and 2.46 million viewers in same-day live+ ratings (including DVR playback until 3:00). While these numbers do not include further delayed or streaming viewing, they are a very good indication of the show’s performance, especially when compared to others on the same channel. There may be other economic factors in the fate of a show, but generally higher rated series are renewed and lower rated series are cancelled. Find out how fatal flaw stacks up against other ABC TV shows.


As of August 8, 2022 fatal flaw has not been canceled or renewed for a second season. Stay tuned for further updates.

Telly’s look

Will ABC be canceled or extended? fatal flaw for the second season? The first season has only four episodes. I suspect the show is relatively inexpensive to produce (after all, dollhouses are cheaper than full-sized sets to produce), and the network could certainly find new stories to tell. I think fatal flaw has a good chance of being updated. I will update this page with the latest developments. Sign up for free alerts at fatal flaw news about cancellation or extension.

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What do you think? you hope that fatal flaw Will the series be renewed for a second season? How would you feel if ABC canceled this series instead?

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