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‘Supernatural’ Fans Claim Dean Grows Bigger in Later Seasons

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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On the r/Supernatural subreddit, u / Cute fruit and pumpkin noted how Dean’s character has matured over the course of the series. “Anyone notice how Dean becomes a lot less of a womanizer in later seasons?” they asked. “If you really rewatch the show, you can see how Dean slowly fades from his promiscuous bad boy self that he displays at the beginning and [he] even stops having sex completely,” the user continued. “He’s definitely turning into a more nerdy guy-like dad, which is cute.”

Dean has definitely been a bad boy among the brothers from the start, breaking the rules regularly and always chasing a new pretty face as they travel across the United States fighting ghosts and demons. However, as is often the case, it may seem that age is slowly healing Dean’s wandering eyes, forcing him to seek the same comfort and security that many of us choose at some point in our lives.

“The show has been on for a long time, maybe changed a little over time, or the CW had something about it,” he mused. you/elridge2e in reply. With the #metoo movement taking place during the show and the many high-profile sexual harassment lawsuits going on in the background, there could definitely be something to that conclusion. you / lupatin doubled that score. “Also the female audience. [The] hero’s debauchery [is] very masculine fantasy, not feminine. When your audience is mostly female, you fit in,” they concluded. They’re definitely right that the show’s female demographics are a huge part of its success (via Gizmodo)so there could certainly be something in that theory too.

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