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Prey star Amber Midthunder didn’t know she was auditioning for Predator

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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In a recent interview with Empire magazine, Amber Midthunder revealed she didn’t know Prey was a Predator movie when she auditioned. In fact, all Midthunder knew about the role was the very general traits of her character, Naru. “I knew it was only a film about a young Comanche woman who wanted to be a huntress, and I don’t even know if I knew the exact time period,” Midthunder said. “I don’t know if it was decided at the time or if I had that information.”

Midthunder added that after she auditioned in February 2020, the project disappeared for a while due to the pandemic, but she was eventually called in for additional auditions. She explained, “And then it started all over again, and eventually someone said to me, quite close to the last audition, ‘Oh, it’s a Predator movie.’ The star then added, “And I was like, ‘What? Oh my goodness! How will it work? and answered all the questions that I think everyone asked. “What? How is it…? What will it look like? What does it mean?” I went through it all and then I read the script and I understood.”

Of course, it would be interesting to know if Midthunder would have approached the project differently if she knew her audition was for a Predator movie. However, Naru definitely passes the test of fire when fighting a brutal hunter. Notably, it’s still unclear if the teasing in the credits means Trachtenberg is looking to bring her back for more battles in the future.

“Prey” is available to stream on Hulu.

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