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On Twitter and Reddit, a video showing Yeri Mua Borracha and Paponas fighting while drunk has gone viral.

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A controversy surrounded Yeri Mua, one of the most famous Instagram accounts with more than 3 million followers. In the latest video that has gone viral online, she can be seen fighting with her partner in a pub. She was fighting in the street after drinking too much, behaving very inappropriately. Everyone was completely amazed when they first saw this footage, which was captured on a Saturday morning in a restaurant.

Brian Villegas, his companion, was also there and took part in the controversy without trying to stop it. The beginning of the debate is still a mystery. The frequent ruckus and shouting did not seem to bother anyone in the damaged area. She brazenly entered into combat with the opposing side. She also claimed to have performed in public when she knew it was inappropriate when she appeared online.

Who is Yeri Mua dating?

Yeri MUA is dating Brian Villegas, also known by his stage nickname “El Paponas”. In addition, he was named King of Joy at the 2022 Veracruz Carnival.


When viewers allegedly saw a louse walking on Yeri MUA’s head during a live broadcast, it caused controversy. Later, the influencer said the creature she just ate was actually a small mammal.

fight drunk Paponas in the popular video “Yeri Mua Boraccha”

She was drunk and she was out of control. She has a drinking problem, so she was unable to restrain herself. The couple’s collapse is accelerated by the shocking and scandalous images. They have been strongly condemned by both their supporters and Internet users. He has between 100,000 and 100,000 followers on Instagram. Recently, she took part in a fashion show. She wants to be a model, and she especially loves sharing funny videos on social media. She looked like a queen in these photos.

The Yeri Mua Boraccha Controversy Fully Described

There was no notification or action by the police to arrest the perpetrators. The incident was reported to the police much later, and they have since opened an investigation. Soon the culprits will be punished. She was thrilled with her partner, who models for high-end clothing companies.

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