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John Cameron Mitchell of The Sandman wants to bring this iconic graphic novel to live action Next

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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On August 8, shortly after the debut of the first season of The Sandman on Netflix, ComicBook.com published an interview with John Cameron Mitchell regarding his relationship with The Sandman and his interest in comics in general. While discussing comics in the same vein as Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, Mitchell shared his interest in working on an adaptation of Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles comic series, which he considers one of the pantheon of original comics for adult readers along with The Sandman and Guardians.

“I think I’d be willing to write an episode of The Invisibles,” Mitchell said, adding that his producer once pushed him to develop the idea. “The most famous and perhaps memorable book is called the Apocalypse. It’s about a trans member of a superhero group named Lord Fanny, a Brazilian boy in the tradition of Candomblé, a sort of Afro-Brazilian religion dedicated to death. This is an incredible book.”

Mitchell went on to compare Morrison to the infamous occultist Aleister Crowley. “But with a sharp Scottish wit, which I really appreciate, and it is in my blood, because my mother is Scottish,” he added.

While this is hardly a confirmation that The Invisibles is on the way, if The Sandman sparks interest in more shows based on the border-pushing comics of decades past, the Invisibles-based series could become even more popular. . probably.

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